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My recent posts had a few items from the Men Only Hunt 3, but here is a whole lot more featuring three dudes who just love to rock. There are lots of great gifts in this hunt – the theme is Rock n Roll – and hunters will find pretty much everything they need to create that rock look, whatever their preferred era. Great shapes (I’m showing three here, but there are many more), skins, clothing… I had mentioned that the hunt would be epic – well it truly is. Crank the tunes, stock up on the beverages and do the whole hunt – you’ll be glad you did.

rock n roll lighter

Men Only Hunt 3

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night!

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night!

Clash City Rocker

Clash City Rocker

Drummers Rule!

Drummers Rule!

Thank You, Good Night!

Thank You, Good Night!

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One of my favorite items from the Mens Dept June round (ending soon) is the John Holmes Skybox from [Deco], which makes a perfect set for relaxing, entertaining friends, watching John Holmes classics from the 70s… or for recording your own. Here are some scenes from inside the skybox.

Johnny Wadd, 2012


Bedroom BachaSutra


  • Socks: Ziva’s Underground FootwearLazy Saturday Mesh Socks Rigged (Cuddle Buddy Hunt #32 until June 30, MESH, includes 2 versions)
  • Tattoo: Tattoo ArtLotus Dark (MHO7 Hunt #70 until Jul 15, includes multiple tattoos)


Couple Pose: Diesel WorksBachaSutra (Not Free)

Chic, après les ébats


Suntory Time

  • Shirt: LecoVita Polo shirts gray/black (100l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Pants: MachoSkater Jeans (MHO7 Hunt #33 until Jul 15, also includes a tank)
  • Shoes: English MuffinMuffin Walkers (The Accessory Hunt #59 until Jun 30, also includes female sizing + sunglasses and a bag)
  • Pose: Focus PosesCasual Men 1 (MHO7 Hunt #51 until Jul 15, includes 8 poses)


Full Boat


  • Jacket: Shadow Moon – Mesh Brown Leather Jacket (1l, Get The Newbie Hunt #27 until Jun 30, MESH, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Shirt: SartoriaBW T shirt DROP Guns (MHOH Minihunt #3 until July 15, also includes shorts blogged above)
  • Glasses: Eclecticaglasses (The Accessory Hunt #57 until Jun 30, Unisex) 



  • Cards, Glasses etc: KusshonGambler Set (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Whiskey Bottle: PoniteeSantory (Free at SGB Summer Festa until June 30)

House of Cards

  • Jacket/Shirt: HavokFresh Leather Jacket W/Tee 2 (150L at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Pants: GizzaLoose Jeans Dark Blue (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, also includes shirt & female gift)
  • Shoes: Fashion EmergencySlip Ons (85L at Grunge Soul Project, Unisex)
  • Skin: AkerukaNando Full Tan (MHO7 Hunt #60 until Jul 15)
  • Shape: Stunning ShapesJeff (Summer Breeze Hunt #54 until Jun 30, also includes a female shape)
  • Hair: AmacciSamson ~ Onyx (MHO7 Hunt #41)
  • Pose: Stakey Aimless 02 (MHO7 Hunt #34 until Jul 15, modded, includes 6 poses)


Build: [Deco]The John Holmes Skybox (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)

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Culture Shock started a few weeks back (sorry, computer problems kept me offline) and its a fantastic event for new releases in women’s fashion, furniture and poses. Every designer has at least one exclusive release with sales going at least in part to benefit Medecins Sans Frontieres. Some of the designers have put out gifts, primarily for women, but this is a charity event so bring some lindens and get yourself something nice. Lag hopefully should be manageable so if you haven’t been now might be a good time before it ends on May 26.

The furniture here are Mesh sets by Handverk and Hanaya. Handverk’s modernistic furniture and jewelery is directly inspired by Marcel Breur and the Bauhaus and the tea set is a gift from Handverk at the event. Poses used are mostly from Sparrowtree Studios Poses, which has released two great pose sets at Culture Shock.

Clothing in the 2nd and 3rd pics is from the Mens Dept’s new round going until June 1. Like last time, the collection is truly impressive, but one of the stand-outs is definitely the full mesh outfit from Pumpkin. At 99l it is a must buy for that artsy, hipster look. The avi used in all pics is a skin/shape combo of new CS releases from  Akeruka & Kmadd.

There are mostly new releases/sale items in this post, but there are also some gifts, freebies & hunt items (Ink, Jomo, Leco Vita, Bastard, Balaclava, etc). See credits below.

Culture Shock

  • Complete Outfit: A:S:S Decades – Etienne (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • RingHandverk – Wassily Ring Red/Silver (Culture Shock Release, includes complete jewelry set & also available in black)
  • Hair: Kmadd – Seneca Black IV (Included with Seneca shape at Culture Shock, also available at Ashraya Project)
  • Pose & phone: Estetica – Snap Happy 5 (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 10 poses)
  • Pose SetSparrowtree Studios – Circles of Light (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 9 poses)

Art Dummies

  • Complete Outfit: PumpkinOutfit Leather M (99L at Mens Dept until June 1, MESH, includes multiple sizes)
  • Scarf: TeefySoft Cotton Tied Scarf Plum Ombre (100L  at Mens Dept until June 1, MESH, includes multiple versions)
  • Shoes: Balaclava!Pause Loafers (Free at Mens Dept until June 1, Buy the Demo)
  • Glasses: BastardMESH BC Frames/Green (1l, MESH, includes multiple frames)
  • Hair: Ink – Blank Black (Group Gift, includes multiple tones)
  • Beard: Jomo – Beard 01 (Gaystuff Hud Group Gift)
  • Pose & Pose Set: Sparrowtree Studios – Platforms (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 9 poses)
  • Mannequin: Art Dummy! – As a Mannequin V.2 (100l at Culture Shock or in Store)
  • Hats & Ties: PurpleMoonTangorize Me (Culture Shock Exclusive Release,also includes cuffs)

Atomic Butterfly

Boxes of Light

  • Skin: Akeruka – Antonio Skin Shaved Pale (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • Shape: Kmadd – Premium Shape Seneca (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • Ring (right): Handverk – Wassily Ring Black/Silver (Culture Shock Release, includes complete jewelry set & also available in red)
  • Pose (left & right): Sparrowtree Studios – Circles of Light (Culture Shock Exclusive Release, includes 9 poses)
  • Pose (middle): o0o StudioFramework 5 (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)



  • ChairHandverk – Wassily Chair (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • TableHandverk – Bauhaus Table (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)
  • Tea SetHandverk– Tea Infuser Set (Free at Culture Shock)
  • LoungerHandverk – Barcelona Chair (Culture Shock Exclusive Release)

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Here are four looks including two new releases from Vero Modero and various hunt & group gifts. Note some of these items are from hunts ending very soon (like today), so don’t wait if you see something you like. For freebies from Vero Modero, make sure you check out their group gifts. They have tons (many of which I’ve previously blogged).

My backdrop here is a new skybox from A.S.S., “Step Into the Light”, which really makes an excellent lightbox for photos.

  • Skin: Vero Modero – New Year, New You Skin (New Year, New You Hunt Men Path #07 until Jan 31)
  • ShapeSG’s Designs – Jack (10l)
  • Hat & Hair: Me-I Humanoidism – G.D. Hat (1l on marketplace, Texture Change)
  • Mustache: Es’Cusi  – French Mustachi (For Whatever Hunt #66 until Jan 31, gift includes three mustaches)
  • Pose: Olive Juice – She Said 4 (88l at Collabor88 for 6 poses + mirrors)
  • Skin(Red)sand – Undeath (February Group Gift, includes multiple skins)
  • Shape: Sauce – Captain & Cola tall and muscular (Not free, includes two shapes – other shape previously blogged here)
  • Hair: Urban December – October Brown (75l sale price)
  • Hairbase: Modish – HB XMAS Blue Spray (check with owner for availability)
  • Pose: Olive Juice – He Said 1 (88l at Collabor88 for 6 poses + mirrors)
  • Complete OutfitVero Modero – Jack Essential Coat/ Brown Pants (New Release, 100l sale price, shirt cuffs not included with outfit)
  • BowtieSolita – Gacha Bow 4 (10l from Gacha)
  • Glasses: December – Glasses No. 76 (The Cafe Hunt #16 until Jan 31, Texture Change)
  • Cigarette: Ocello – Cigarette Elegance (30l)
  • Hair: Me-I Humanoidism – Nite (1l on marketplace, Texture Change, also includes hat)
  • Pose (foreground): Olive Juice – She Said 3 (88l at Collabor88 for 6 poses + mirrors)
  • Pose (background): Frozen – Male Poses 06 (not free)


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