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Fall is here! As you know there’s tons of gifts available on the grid right now. So much that sometimes it’s hard for even me to keep up with! But, I digress! (love that word, anyone else love it too?) =) Anyway. I present to you these fabulous freebies:


::CENSORED::.  has just set out the Vick Dress in their mainstore for group members! It’s free to join and if you wander nearby to their sister store, you can find a room full of more past gifts and lucky letter chairs! Karly (which I’m wearing) is one such gift! *AND* I’m SO excited about this pose store //elephante poses// because not only are they up and coming, but the pose and prop I’m showing here is called Sunday Morning and it’s ONLY 1L! As are these:

.<3tekila v.

Other: 1st picture… The bench is by [kusshon] “first lunch in autumn” bench… free, in-store!

If so, head on over to JM:Mai Skin! There’s 10 Lucky Letter boards stocked with some pretty nice lipstick layers, eyes and a cute “under the weather” blush and thermometer for your mouth! Just join the group (free) and tp some friends and have at it! 🙂 

PhoenixViewer 2012-10-12 13-39-16-36
Also shown…the skin I’m wearing is a demo of JM:Mai’s Angela skin, the eyes are from the LL Board called, “real brown eye”, hair by Gotzshe-Josefa in Lion

.<3tekila v.

Helloo! Legal Insanity has several deals in-store, like these Lucky Letter boards for men*&*women!! The MM Board is for group members only, as is their 10L outlet. The joiner fee for those is 50L.


Teleport to Legal Insanity & head to the back of the store for the goodies! :o)

.<3tekila v!.

Still feeling lucky?

Posted: August 16, 2011 by Sandras Diavolo in women

If you do feel lucky, just come on and TP to these places:

.::CENSORED::. has new skins on the Lucky Boards

and the ones you see on the puffs are priced  from 10L up to 50L

.[rhetoric].  has 2 Lucky Boards, a Lucky cupcake and 2 MM boards Or if you just want to organize your inventory camp they have 2 campers