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Lovely Dollarbie Dress At DANY French Touch

Posted: April 21, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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This lovely dress is a new dollarbie at DANY French Touch.


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Artilleri and Truth Freebies At The Gnubie Store

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Look at this wall of freebies from Artilleri and Truth. They must be new at the Gnubie Store, at least they are new to me.



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Two Fabulous Outfits New In The Chairs At HSC

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New in the chair at Haute Style. Two fabulous outfits !


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New Sailor Outfits At Peppermint Blue

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New unisex sailor ouftits at Peppermint Blue !



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Moving sale at The Laughing Academy !

Starting as soon as you get here, I’ll be having a surprise moving sale! ‘Cause we’re moving! Again! Since its a moving sale, sale items will be changing price at random and back again, and that should last until, well, I get it all moved! Some of our very best sellers will be marked down significantly, too, this isnt a bargain basement, baby, its a musical jackpot of savings on nearly everything I have to offer- so come and get them, and tell *only* your closest friends. ‘Cause its a great big giant secret that nobody knows about! ‘Cept *you*! And that guy over there. But he only likes the hats. Which are all 10L right now. So the rest is for *you*!

On a more serious note, one item that will not be marked down is this one:


because 100% of the proceeds from this gown go to the Victoria Bushfire Relief Fund and the Australian Red Cross. As disasters become yesterdays news to the tv crews and grow dim in our minds, its easy to forget that some people have lost everything, and their problems don’t go away just because the tv cameras do.

You can also pick up a fun and free gift package just for giving a little something to the Donation boxes set up at any of my shops, doesn’t matter if its 1L or 1000, if you give a little or a lot, take a little thankyou prezzie from me. 🙂

Anyhoo, come help me move! Again!
Tabitha “The Gypsy” Ninetails

Please donate and then buy the pink sculpted heart next to the donation board. You’ll find  this outfit inside.


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Grim Bros. Valentine’s Gift

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Grim Bros. has a wonderful gift for you, if you like  gowns. This red dress is in the Valentine’s Gift package for the ladies.


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Artilleri Subscribo Gifties

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Artilleri is opening a new subscribo group ! This is your welcome gift for subscribing, a cardigan, a hair flower and hawwwt vintage glasses.

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