The Best Freebie Locations

Here is a list of places that are always worth a visit if you are new to SL, living on a budget or if you are just out of lindens.

The Free Dove

Sarah Nerd’s


FabFree Store

The Freebie Telegraph Store

Utsuku City

Anubis Style

The Gnubie Store

Mobile Factory

Adored 1L$ Shop

Savoir Hair




  1. Terry Toland says:

    Currently (as of September 17th, ’08), the Anubis Style SLURL provided is inaccurate. Try this one instead. 🙂

  2. Maemae says:

    Hello, Can we submit our websites for inclusion in the list? We try to add new freebies to our freebies page every week. Thank you for considering us.

  3. Cary Romano says:

    WOW when was the last time this page was updated ? 🙂 many of these places no longer exist ! 🙂

  4. Cherry says:

    Only these ones works : Dove, Gnubie, Savoir Hair, .. Others are non existing or send you to weird places. Anyways, I wasn’t able to find and freebies at Savoir Hair ._.

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