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Posted: May 10, 2013 by Tekila Vella in Gift, limited, skin, women
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SKINS is sort of a new-ish store (it’s sister store is Purple Poses) and they have a new group gift out for their members – and yup, the group is free to join! The gift is Naomi and she comes in 3 tones: pale, medium and summer:

SKINS Naomi May GG

.<3tekila v.

As always, there’s lots of Midnight Mania’s to hit up, but if you were looking for a great variety of gifts, then check out KzD’sign. There you can find clothes, a pair of boots, a skin and a complete avatar in their upstairs – all needing 49 -59 hits.

PhoenixViewer 2013-01-17 00-48-51-52
PhoenixViewer 2013-01-17 00-47-10-01

PhoenixViewer 2013-01-17 00-46-07-18

You can also find Lucky Letter chairs with more outfits ready to be won (6 in all).

PhoenixViewer 2013-01-17 00-47-41-49

And be sure to head downstairs where one more MM board has a version of one of their latest mesh releases called Classy. It comes in 5 sizes and with only 50 slaps needed for lock down, you’ll want to act quick! Plus, it’s free to hit any of these boards.

PhoenixViewer 2013-01-17 00-51-30-45

p.s. – I recently found out about this store by seeing the owner wearing her color-changing mesh clothes! Find more about that on my post here.

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/me shouts with excitement…Curio and it’s creator, Gala Phoenix, are officially back in business!! And back she is with a bang. Join the group for free right now and check the group notices to get a boatttttttttload of the Party Girl Curio skinline in every shade and makeup option!


Also shown and free… Hairs by Truth (subscribe-o gift; January fatpack) and CaTwa (in-store group gift; free to join; Candy V2 fatpack) … Mesh tanks and pants by Ricielli (15L hunt items;20 prizes in all)

.<3tekila v.

I feel like I could write a love letter to the month of October because this fall month gives so much inspiration it’s really just amazing. And several designers are feeling inspired, and, lucky for us, generous, too. Check out these beautiful snoods by League, an in-store gift. There is a 3rd snood not shown, but equally just as nice! They all are unrigged mesh, which means “you must have a mesh-enabled viewer to see them.”

LMS Free Gifts 101212

Diggin’ the doos? I know I am! “Faint” is this month’s subscription gift from Magika, just in time for Halloween (bwaha!). Just head on over and sign up, if you haven’t already, to claim them. Also, these hairdos are Mesh =)

AND! I’m soo excited about this store called [ S H O C K ]! I first visited their stall at the Swag Fest 2012 event (still going on, details here) and just had to visit their mainstore. To my surprise there were lots of group gifts up for grabs! The group is free to join and there you can find the Sandy and Kisha skins shown above *plus* these nails featuring Halloween and the Dias De Los Muertos themes!!


I definitely recommend checking out all of Shock’s other items. They are quite impressive and won’t break the bank =)

.<3tekila v.

Also Shown… Mirage Eyes in Black by Shock (50L!!), Poses by {pose maniacs} – Lady @ Swag Fest 2012

Hello all! So nice to see you 😀 I have a couple beautiful skins to tell you all about. First is the Jelena-Black Beauty skin by Mons! It’s a special color of their latest release for all subscribers, you can pick yours up in-store though, too (fab!). (Dress by League)

Next, is the Daena skin from [ LiSsEe]! This skin is so gorgeous, I haven’t been able to leave it off for long! This is a dollarbie in-store AND there’s also another skin for free! Pretty awesome sauce if you ask me : ) (Dress by Mon Cheri)

The clothing I am wearing is not free, however, the $L do go toward a great cause. It is from the One Voice fundraiser event to help the RL maker of Curio skins, Gala Phoenix. She is currently in a legal battle with owner of Hush skins, and is fighting for her creative rights for her skin. This is huge because, as many designers feel, it is important to protect creative content in Second Life. So you can find many of the grid’s best designers there, showing their support, 50-100% of the proceeds goes to Gala’s defense fund. You can read more about it & hear from Gala herself here or TP now to One Voice.

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Riddle group gift sweaters

Posted: December 20, 2010 by A in Uncategorized
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Riddle just sent out a group gift of their Smexy Shoulders top in yellow and pink. I’m wearing the pink one below.

Go to Riddle, join the update group in store, and check messages, it’s in the message dated 19 Dec 10.
These are perfect on their own, and also great for layering!

Riddle group gift sweater(s)

By the way, see the eyes that I’m wearing? They are from Insufferable Dastard, which has a retirement sale going on until 12/23! There was a lot of info in the notecard so I tinypasted all of that for you here. They sell skins, eyes, tattoo makeup, and more.

Hair: Fab-U-Lous Kim (Black)
Skin: Bodyline SARA m2 -pastel_love letter (teeth)
Tattoo lashes: [[Mozz]] Tattoo Layer Eyelashes – 02
Jeans: Nyte’N’Day Essential Jeans – Stone
Pose: don’t freak out! [thisthat] that’s how I roll

Ashe Anthony

52 weeks of colour

Posted: December 19, 2010 by faylinnerin in hunt, limited, women
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I’m sorry I’ve not posted in a while; if you know me from Perfectly-x-imperfect you’d know that my graphics card has died; ect ect!

Picture taking has been a no no! However, I’m still looking out for freebies and taking pictures when I can.

But, I digress; There is an awesome little hunt going on at the moment called: Sucker for hunts. This beautiful dress is No.40 in the hunt and can be found at ‘Formal and Fantasy clothes‘. I really love it!

Other items:
Hair: Truth
Skin: LAQ
Eyeshadow: The W- Mansion