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Posted: April 16, 2009 by Terry Toland in gown, limited, women
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Today’s daily retiring dollarbie from Lemania Indigo Designs is the Reflections empire-waist gown. The mixture of simple white with a sparkling mother-of-pearl texture moves its wearer to not only look in the beauty of their reflection, but perhaps, to think a little bit more on the past. This treasure will only be available until 9:00am SLT tomorrow before the waters take it back below forever.

Not Free
Skin: Koi- Rose F Tone 1 from [][]Trap[][]
Ears: *~*Fairy Ears: Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*

~ Terry Toland

Lemania Indigo Designs‘s featured retiring dollarbie today is the Royal Red dress, featuring patterns of an Eastern feel. It will only be available until 9:00am SLT, so trek down the road to the castle before it disappears!

Earthstones is also hosting an Easter egg hunt. The wooden eggs total 15, and they range from L$0 to L$50 in price, and include items for him, her and unisex. I’m wearing a necklace and pair of sandals that I’ve found on the grounds. For more information and future updates, tap one for the Earthstones subscribe-o-matics and check past history for a notecard on the event.

~ Terry Toland

Looking to fly into a party tonight? Stop by Lemania Indigo Designs to pick up the Clubbin outfit set, complete with top, skirt, stockings and heels in a dazzling gold to sparkle amongst all the green on the grid. This gem will only be available for L$1 until 9:00am SLT tomorrow when it will permanently put away its dancing shoes.

The wizards at the Magic of Oz are at it again, and this time they’re hosting the Saint Patrick’s Cuardach! Search the sim high and low, in the water and even some down below (the surface patch, that is). Touch the coins and keep them close, then dash over to the connected store and find the pot of gold within. With your treasure in hand, click it once to drop it in and recieve a prize in return! Here are some of the items you can get that are shown:

Schadenfreude Brocade Oz collar (gold)
*KessKreations* McIrish Shamrock Party Hat
Flecks – Shamrock Green by Malkavyn [shaded] eyes
[MnM] flying clover
~EC~ Oz Irish Hunt Celtic Ring
/Wasabi Pills/ St.Patrick lashes
*TSM* ASSASIN – Special Edition-Guinness Bubbles hair

There’s much more to be found! To see more, check out Berry’s Blog or Free*Style. The hunt lasts from today, March 17th, through Sunday, the 22nd, so if you have trouble dropping in, the gold will still be around later to snag.

Skin: Koi– ForestF Tone 5 from [][]TRAP[][] [not free]
Ears: *~* Drow Ears from *~*Illusions*~* [not free]

~ Terry Toland

If you’re into SL photography (or simply enjoy posing in front of the camera), Lemania Indigo Designs has a special offer with you in mind: if you snap some shots of a month’s hunt items (for this month of March, it would be any of the Fantasy Hunt prizes from LID) and post it to the SL Divine Divas – Lemania Indigo Designs FlickR group, you will get two exclusive gifts. One is the Rabit Hole gown, swirling in a luscious blue like that of Alice in Wonderland’s familiar dress.

The second gift is the Fresh Violets set, which comes complete with a formal and lingerie option, as well as jewelry and shoes. The image is from the Lemania Indigo Designs blog, which you can follow or add to your link favorites to keep up on updates outside of SL.

The necklace and earrings I am wearing are called Zivanit, designed by Alienbear Gupte for the SL Relay for Life Clothing Fair. They are sold separately (earrings in one box, necklace in another) for L$5 each at Alienbear Jewelry Designs’s booth in the Caspian Sea sim. Each box uses a pay script, and you must either write in 5 in the amount area or push the 5 button when the pay menu comes up. Each box is on either side of Alienbear’s main RFL contribution, the Kielo (L$600). You can see more items from the SL RFL Clothing Fair here.

The skin is a group gift from the Wot? subscribe-o. Thank you, Sileny, for originally posting this on Love/Hate!
Skin: wot (see love/hate)

Finally, the heels poking out are from the famous Maitreya Group Gift Pumps pack, these in the shade of Blue.

~ Terry Toland