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You have seen a new hunt that hasn’t yet been blogged on?  Found some cool new freebies or dollarbies ? You have relased a group gift or your are offering a freebie at your store ?

Let us know about it !!! Leave a comment with slurl !

  1. Babylee says:

    Hi girls, we offer some freebies, dollarbies, monthly specials and 2 24hours specials from our new “Funky” line in our stores. Pls take a look and grab yours
    ❤ Babylee

  2. Had to make a t-shirt – never forget 9/11 just to let people know that we haven’t forgotten. It’s a freebie at the BAA building and you can look in the notices for notecard and LM. Never Forget! Hugs Lemania

  3. Join us for the Grand Re-Opening of The Going Green Store. Eco-friendly products and education for SL and RL!

    Saturday, September 13, 2008
    7pm SLT

    Enjoy a scavenger hunt as well as drawings for prizes that will be awarded every 15 minutes!!

  4. tinybitty says:

    Hi girls and this time specially little girls:)There is little princess event in Tiny Bitty Princess shop and there are two wonderful baby girl gowns even with full jewelry sets just for 1L!!!
    Hurry up this amazing offer wont last for ever 🙂

  5. Babylee says:

    Hi fashionistas, you are hereby cordially invited to our grand opening of our new Main Store on B&T Island
    Saturday 27-Sep.-2008 11PM SLT / 20.00 MEZ / MET .

    We, that are Babylee and Tommi, now have the opportunity to show you the entire B&T Atelier Fashion and Design collection on a spacial sim in a neat and appealing ambiente.

    For the first time you will find the whole range of B&T items in one place, that are skins & shapes, shoes & boots, funky jeans, B&T casual line, designer furniture, home decor, accessoires and a lot more.
    We would be happy to welcome you to our new place and hope you will have a great time shopping and just being there.
    PS: Of course there will be a lot of specials, freebies and other surprises in the opening week, so make sure not to miss it.
    ❤ Babylee

  6. Babylee says:

    Hi there, we put 2 new items in our lucky board
    and play the Bobbing for Apples Game for cool gifts from our collection
    Hugs and good luck

  7. Bitty says:

    There is Evant for NEW MAIN STORE of TINY BITTY

    There are two wonderful wedding gowns for adult and kids just for amazing 1L!!! Gowns are with bonus jewell sets and normal price is 300L…hurry just for today it is free:)

  8. My shop, Core, currently has 3 vote related t-shirts, modelled after rl ones as seen on Rock The Vote and Declare Yourself, that are set for $1L. There is also a spoof “Paris Hilton for President” one in the lucky chairs.

  9. Hi there and big ups for the blog.
    My store ***Supreme*Clothing located here

    has 2 prize chairs loaded with 8 different items each
    for ladies & gentlemen always extra freebies and dollarbies a the store
    news updates freebie and group members gift

    Supreme Clothing gives away a freebie to members everyweek
    for all genders

    also we do link to your blog and we ‘d love a link back



  10. Hi there,our Lucky Board has been refilled with really cool stuff : boots, jeans, hoodie and cap you don’t want to miss. Just drop by and give it a try!! :))
    or have a look @ our blog

    main store:

    ❤ Babylee

  11. Shiva Stine says:

    Hello everybody

    I would like to take this opportunity to let u know that in our store, Gotcha designs a new store, there is a sale going on for men and woman, also a dollarbie outfit for the ladies.

    See u there

    Have a great weekend

  12. Hi All of you!
    Supreme*Clothing new slurl
    plz come visit we R offering 4 exclusive sequined freebies
    1 red sexy sequined cardigan, 2 delicate and nice pink sequined top,
    1 very aggressive white sequined top.
    We offer fresh freebies,bargains and dollarbies every week
    check the blog for more infos and details.
    stay blessed everybody

  13. Hi there,our Lucky Board has been refilled with a new outfit ( incl. vans )pls. come and visit our new main store and grab our new freebies and specials too, good luck and hugs

  14. Mrokness Viper says:

    Hello, dear telegraphers 😀

    I have only just opened a store (finally!), and I would like to have the opportunity to share my creations with every girl on the grid 😛

    I have a lot to offer: my first group gift (group is free to join, and I hope to be able to add more when I get enough lovely members!), two gatcha machines (15L$ each), two lucky boards (7 min wait), and a few cheapies outside 🙂

    I will also participate in hunts (three so far), so I would love you to stay tuned 🙂

    Should you have any questions, offers or suggestions and advice, feel free to contact me!

    In the meantime, here is a SLURL to my store 😀

    Thank you very warmly! ❤

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