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I may be a hippie at heart, but I do enjoy some of the finer things. And what could be better than a little pink house on the beach. The Seasons Hunt (last day- don’t miss out) and the Albero Gacha Summer Festival (new and much cool stuff) helped me get set up:

  • Left:
  • Wall Decal: Umwelt – The Hoff (24l at Albero Summer Gacha)
  • Pose: Embody – M Caliber 2 (MM gift)
  • Middle:
  • LoungerGlitterati – Summer Swing (Seasons #52)
  • TrayAphrodite – Waffles Service Tray (Waffle Fox Hunt #46)
  • Right:
  • Table: {theosophy} – Redwick Patio Table (Seasons #74)
  • Cat: Calphalon (contact Draven Schapire in world for more information)

With the cat guarding the house I was ready to hit the beach like the Hoff. Couldn’t find the red Baywatch trunks, so i grabbed my Lazybum speedo and goggles. It was fun watching the waves and girls, but the mosquitoes were a bitch…



  • Wrap: Graph – Mexican Scarf (Poupee Hunt #9, female version included)
  • Shoes: Fir & MNA – Twine Shoes Denim (50l Friday, other versions available at Albero Summer Gacha)
  • Boat: [kusshon] – Summer Dream Boat (Seasons #68)

Today is 50L friday! Yay! Check out some of the awesome offerings below.

Get both sets of these PJs (red and blue) for only 50L from Artilleri

I paired the Willow 50L red dress with free Christmas leggings available from This is Fawn

Also Shown:
Poses (and ornament held): Glitterati
Hair: 1st pic Deviant Kitties; 2nd pic (Maitreya)
Skin: Atomic


If you haven’t started the Good Sh*t Hunt (GSH) yet, then what are you waiting for? Start at Estetica and get this good sh*t!

Check out the blog for hunt hints!


Picture 1:
GSH “Cute Cookie” Shirt: * RezIpsa Loc *
GSH Gumby: Intrigue Co.
High Waist Skirt: Willow (FREE in store)

Picture 2:
GSH It’s Summery Canopy: Buttons
GSH “Hallie” Dress: Lark

Other Stuffs:
Skin: Laq (not free)
Hair: (not free)
Poses: Glitterati


Mango, Mango!

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Mango, Mango! still has their amazing 69L Hump Day skins out! Grab them now before they are gone because they are hot! ❤


(Left to Right: Jelly Pale, Jelly Tan, Jelly Dark)


This skin (Decked) is a subscriber gift only! It is not available for re-release!

I am only showing the skins without freckles (I’m not much of a freckle person) but if you are, there are freckled versions as well!

Skins: Mango, Mango!
Top w/ Vest: Willow (free)
Hair: Maitreya (not free)
Pose: Glitterati