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Proposing soon? Getting hitched??! Know someone who is?? .. The Wedding Expo is currently underway and there’s a little hunt going on. There’s a variety of prizes from a wedding gown to poses for him and her to a place to throw your girl friend’s bachelorette party! All hunt prizes are 0L, no group needed, and are hidden in – what else – champagne bottles. Here’s a little preview of some of the items:

Bachelorette Beach Party setup by Wedding-2-Go
WeddingExpo 1

Wedding gown with tiara and veil by Creations Park:

Firestorm-Release 2013-05-28 04-08-06-22.bmp Firestorm-Release 2013-05-28 04-10-14-78.bmp

Double Eternity Band by Charisma Designs (blings)

Firestorm-Release 2013-05-28 04-08-54-64.bmp
Happy hunting!

Also shown: 

-Mesh Dress by Hucci, subscriber gift – must already be subscribed

-Watch by Glow Studio, group gift, **joiner fee**

-All poses by //Elephante Poses//, Brown Eyed Girl @ The Soho Sample Sale, not free, 10 poses for 169L!!

-Location: Love Story Venue

.<3tekila v.

House Of Alisha Very Special Gown !

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Oh, how cool is this !! A very special gift from House of Alisha. Touch the picture to recieve this gown.


And now you want to know why it’s so  special  ? Read this item description !

Have some Valentine fun with your partner with this special time limited version (works until the end of this month) of one of my medieval gowns, all in a rather see through material.   It consists entirely of prims parts which when clicked upon by your partner are removed from your body and dumped on the ground.  Actually to be precise the real garment is returned to your inventory and a temporary version is rezzed on the ground but the effect is such that you end up standing in the middle of a pile of discarded clothing which I hope you will agree is a great start to a fun session with your partner.  Please click on the vendor and it will give you one non-transferable copy.  All of my other products are fully transferable but I have restricted this free gift to prevent people taking lots of copies and reselling it.  Please note that you need to have build rights and scripts enabled for this outfit to work.  Also the whole outfit has an avatar rendering cost of over 25000 so the lag caused by it should be good enough reason for your partner to undress you as quickly as possible 🙂

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3 New Gowns At Virtual Wedding

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The wedding gown on the picture here costs 30L$, the other gowns are free at Virtual Wedding !


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Green Unisex Jacket And Jeans At *op*

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*op* has a Lucky Board by the counter, where you can win the green unisex leather jacket  on this picture, there are also dollarbie jeans at the store and a free wedding dress.


And if you cam over to the next store, you’ll find another lucky board with a grey dress.


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