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Autumn is on the way so I thought I’d do a small round-up of some early Fall fashions using two nice pose prop gifts from Bent and What Next that fit the theme. The clothing is a mix of hunt gifts, items from the latest Mens Dept round and a number of things from Fashion Emergency (a great store for cool fashions).

I’ve used a skin here from [Void], where a store-wide sale is underway through September (all male and female skins at 50l) and the Twisted Hunt shape from Vivid Avs, a relatively new store where you can find a bunch of hunt & group gifts, lucky chairs and generally low prices for shapes.

Come Rock Locke

  • Vest: GizzaMoolto Hunt Denim Vest M (Moolto Sisters Hunt until Sep 30, also includes female gift)
  • Pants/Boxers: Delirium Style – Black Jeans (Moolto Sisters Hunt until Sep 30, includes shoes, shirt & female gift)
  • Shoes: NekoliciousAcetylene Boot (1l, What Do You Sell Hunt #11 until Sep 30, includes full outfit & female gift)
  • Necklace: Kosh – Sulka Necklace (Finding FabFree Hunt #47 until Sep 30)
  • Bracelets:  Earth’s BanglesJohn John Cuff Black (1l, What Do You Sell Hunt #05 until Sep 30, includes two sets of bracelets & female gift)
  • Tattoo: CollisionsCome Rock Locke (New Release)
  • Skin: [VoiD]Age Bare Natural GenV (50l Sale Price)
  • Shape: Vivid AvsXavier Twisted Male Emo Shape (Twisted Hunt #112 until Sep 30, also includes female skin)
  • Hair: Alli & AliSteve Hair Darkbrown (Free on Marketplace until Sep 20) 
  • Pose Prop/Poses: Bent – Summer Harvest (Summer Harvest Hunt #40 until Sep 21)

Fly Free My Friends

  • Shirt/Jeans: The BlinkPlaid Shirt/Pants (75L at Mens Dept until Oct 1, Mesh)
  • Shoes: EnvymeLine Orange Mesh Slip On Flats (Menstuff #116, Mesh, also includes shirt. Attn: Hunt is over, but gift still available at time of publication)
  • Pose: BentHarvest 6 (Summer Harvest Hunt #40 until Sep 21)
  • Pose Prop What NextFalling Wall Decor (10l, Four Walls Hunt until Sep 15, Mesh)

Are You Ready For Some…

Be the Tree

  • Sweater: gOMen’s Hoodie bottom hood M (150L at Mens Dept until Oct 1, Mesh, includes two versions)
  • Jeans: The BlinkPants (75L at Mens Dept until Oct 1, Mesh, includes shirt)
  • Pose: BentHarvest 5 (Summer Harvest Hunt #40 until Sep 21)
  • Pose Prop What NextFalling Wall Decor (10l, Four Walls Hunt until Sep 15, Mesh)

FE & Love Re Me

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Finding FabFree HuntFour Walls HuntMenstuffMoolto Sisters HuntSummer Harvest HuntTwisted HuntWhat Do You Sell Hunt

Forget green I always say. Orange is where it’s at. My pumpkin house is easy to heat, totally ecological and the insects handle all the recycling. It only has one room, but I don’t really need more.

With my best friend Munchkin girl coming over, it’s time for something a little more formal. Of course, she was late as usual.

She finally made it, mumbling something about a 12 broom pile-up out near the yellow brick interchange. We caught up on the latest gossip, Munchy mostly dissing Mother Goose (a lush) and Rapunzel (extensions) – I won’t repeat the names she used. Anyway, here we are watching the pumpkins grow.

Munchkin Girl:

  • Outfitdimbula rose – Munchkin Girl (mmm Halloween hunt gift until October 31st)
  • Shoesduh – Mary Janes (Harry Potter Hunt #18 until October 31, gift also includes male shoes) 
  • HairBirth – NCS2 Renju ke unisex hair (Fallen & Depraved hunt #28 until October 15th — Hunt Hints)
  • SkinKatsucide – Romantica (previously available at Grunge Soul Project)
  • ShapeTokyo Girl – Hyuna 5’7” (new release not free)

It was getting late and Munchkin girl said she had to be off. Powering up her broom, she  turned to wave…

It must have been the pumpkin schnaaps because she seemed a little wobbly, swerving just within reach of Boris, the spider who keeps guard over my house. I don’t think she ever saw it coming…

  • Bodysuit: Rotten Defiance – “Richard Simmons taught me everything I know” – Lace Bodysuit Orange (October Store Hunt Gift– gifts spread throughout the 1st floor in the white skulls) 
  • Make-upSyS – Demon Makeup (FTLO boo-for-2 Hunt #15 until October 31st)

Some notes about the hunts: The mmm Halloween hunt has a small number of gifts all located in the same general area. There are no hints, just click all the pumpkins until you find the items. However, there are also tons of decoys. Without the generous assistance of Juliet Broono, I would never have found the munchkin outfits. Special hint from me: Pumpkins don’t always grow on the ground.

The FTLO boo-for-2 hunt is also different. Every participating store has two gifts, one male and one female.The catch is that only one of the two items is free. There are no hints and all the gifts are located on the same sim.

Ah the 80s. Madonna, New Wave, spiky hair and Don Johnson…

Here I am working at Trax, of Pretty in Pink fame. We’re not doing much business these days (damn you Apple), but it’s a great place for slacking off. (See notes at end of post for sale info and other details).



After a hard day at Trax, I like to get comfortable, pop an 8-track and work on my musical project. Without giving away all the details, let’s say it’s a disco/samba inflected exploration of the funky side of classic metal hits from bands like the Crue. I’m sure Vince Neil would approve.



Notes: Today is the official last day for the Poupee Hunt………………………The skins here are from Void, a new store with everything half off in their grand opening sale through August 8th. The Hair is from Anathema, which is having a closing sale through the end of the month- all hair packs are 100l (some interesting styles for women)…………………Brigette Benelli of Framed did an awesome job recreating Trax and it’s free in the I love the 80s hunt. Go get it, play some Wham or Psychedelic Furs and be transported back in time. And don’t miss the Karaoke hunt gift from Post. The speaker is a functioning parcel radio and the detailing in their furniture sets is always amazing.