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One for the boys

Posted: November 16, 2009 by iona in men
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Jeans: Klam Design (0L$ on xstreetsl)
Tshirt: Barcode (0L$ limited time) Also a red top for girls very limited gift!
Tshirt: Klam Design (0L$ on xstreetsl)

Skin: Endlix (lucky board)
Hair: := Mikan YA (0L$)
Sweater: MS (What’s New SL group gift)
Jeans: sf design (0L$)
Shoes: Sensual Mistery (MHOH)

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] (mhoh)
Tshirt: Barcode (0L$ limited time)
Jeans: Klam Design (0L$ on xstreetsl)

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, it’s not easy to walk about the sim (which is laggy, of course), take pictures, and be able to get the SLurl for each vendor that has a dollarbie all at the same time.)

The Skin/Shape Expo teasers and skins has been all over the various SL blogs, but no one has told all of the dollarbies, and freebies that you can get at this Expo.
So that is what this post is for.
The name of the vendor/store below leads you directly to where the dollarbies/freebies are:

Shape It Up! has a male and 2 female shapes for 1L in two separate boxes.
[lessthanthree] has unisex cancer support tees for 0L.
bffae. has two female skins out for 1L each.
Sillhouette has a shape with eyes and lashes for 1L.
Contour has one male, and one female shape for 1L in two different boxes.
La Petite Morte has a skybox for 1L.
The Plastik. has an outfit out for 1L, includes gloves.
[the.oBscene] has several female skins for 0L.
Skin Within has eyes, and manicure + pedicure for 0L.
Adam & Eve have skin demos, eyes, and finger + toe nails for 0L.
Exodi has a female skin in all tones for 0L.
Damiani has a bikini for 0L.

The Skin/Shape Expo started on September 26, and will end on October 10(or 15, I’ll edit this post when I get the correct ending date).
So you all have some time to go and get these freebies/dollarbies.

Ashe Anthony

~momo~ Sept 22nd group gift

Posted: September 22, 2009 by A in Uncategorized
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~momo~ has a new group gift which is this t-shirt:
(Yay for bust shots lol)

So join the group, and check notices.
In store, the grey version is 1L.

Credits ( for what you can see):
-Skin: Part of *Diversity* Skins Sneak Peek, 0L, has multiple tones(Tan, Beach, Dark, etc.) available in the same box.
-Jeans: Mirrors Free Tibet Jeans, one of many Mirrors free group gifts in store

Ashe Anthony

Intrigue Co. is celebrating their 2nd rez day.
They have this dollarbie hoodie outside their store to celebrate:

There’s also a MM and picks board there as well:

Finally, everything upstairs is 50% off.
Hoodies are 25L, shirts are 10L, and there’s a lucky chair upstairs also.
Edit: There is a free hoodie on the 2nd level, just buy the tiara in the Lego cube like things, and there’s also a free shirt around the gamer shirts(Toadstool, Yoshi, Oh snap! shirt) on the second level.

Ashe Anthony