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A Monday quickie to show the very nice skin gift from Tableau Vivant (shape by Sauce), which will shortly fade from group notices (but is also available next to the in-store group joiner). Grab it while you can.

The pants on the left are from the B[elle]issima closing sale, where everything is on sale until the end of the month; the outfit on the right is the American Bazaar gift from the Dirty Little Secrets Hunt.



Bonus Shot:
Wall & floor textures from Webtreats: Grunge Textures & Patterns Set (Free)

The Disco Hunt officially ends today, although Saturday Night Fever may well last till Monday. I showed a few items from the hunt in a previous post and Kejtie blogged the great gift from BDR.  Here are a few more to get you motivated…cause we were all born to be alive (lots of stuff from other hunts here as well).

Disco Stud:

  • Outfit: Brocade Tiger Double Take Suit (new release not free)
  • Shoes: Nuts – Black leather male shoes (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, includes complete male & female outfits)
  • Hair: MADesigns  – Sam Dark Blond VI (On the Hunt #31 until October 20th, includes female hair attachment)
  • Skin: VyC – Cheater Skin (group gift)
  • Shape: External Appearance – Holden (10l includes female shape)

Disco Diva:

Solo Dancer:

  • Outfit: Nuts – Male Gift (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, gift also includes complete female outfit)
  • Hair: Tribal Soul – Kadaj Black (previous group gift, not free)


  • Build: Connaught Empire – Disco Dance Floor (Disco hunt #44 until October 15th)
  • Disco Ball: FIN – Mirrorball with Spot (Disco hunt #06 until October 15th)
  • Sofa: RT Designs – RT Lip Sofa (Disco hunt #50 until October 15th)
  • Chairs: 22769 – [bauwerk] ballchair (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes other furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Pose (couple): 22769 – Saturday night Fever & Murder on the Dancefloor (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Pose (solo): Captivity – Never Can Tell (Disco hunt #28 until October 15th)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Disco Hunt  — On The Hunt — The Runway Perfect Hunt — D is for Deviant Hunt