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New Lucky Chair Prizes And MM At Vellas

Posted: March 18, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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The unisex boots and camo shirts are new in the Lucky Chairs at Vellas and don’t forget to slap the Midnight Mania, there is a very cute kitty choker in it.




Posted by Feodora Umarov

Shapes by Kira – Group Gifts

Posted: February 8, 2009 by 1meridian in Uncategorized
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At Shapes by Kira there are two group gifts. 1 for guys and 1 for girls in the box you can find a valentine skin, a set of boxers, and 5 tank tops, very cute. The male skin have lipstick on the cheeks 🙂

UPDATE: I was not aware of this when i posted it. But atm. there is a 25L$ enrollment fee to join the group until free skins and clothes are gone. normal it’s free to join the group.

by Meridian Sweetwater

Free gift from (SMS) So Many Styles. In the shrine on the picture there is 3 long pants with chains, they comes in Blue, Dark Orange, and Purple. 3 Tops in Army Green, Dark Green and Dark Red. Also 4 pairs of cute shorts in Beige, Brown, Grey, and Khaki. And winter striped gloves and scarf.

My little cute freind on the shoulder is a valentine group gift from *M*. It’s sooo cute, and gives me chocolate when i click on it, if you want your own little freind, you can find one HERE.

by Meridian Sweetwater

New Stockings At VinylCafe

Posted: January 4, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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New Rock’n Roll Stockings and Sequin Tops at VinylCafe ! The offers are limited !


Posted by Feodora Umarov