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Fri.Day new freebie in store

Posted: September 20, 2009 by A in Uncategorized
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Fri.Day is a fairly new store, so some of you might not recognize the name.
Anyway, there’s a new freebie in store which is this Ruched Button Down Top.
I really love this because of the color, and also because it has two options for wearing the top.
Elbow-length sleeves:

Short sleeves:

There’s also their previous freebies available in the same area(which is like a cubicle like structure; the free stuff are in stacked boxes in those cubicles) which are a bikini + bikini coverup, basic cami, and wide belts.

Credits for other stuff:
-Jeans: Aurora Dark Denim Jeans, not free
-Skin: Sand Shack Surf Co., Baby Oil Italian Ice, not free
-Pose: A friend gave these poses to me so I’m not sure if it’s free or not
-Hair: Tiny Bird, Kissy Kissy-Pepper, poop hunt gift
-Eyes: Miriel, old freebie, probably not free anymore

Ashe Anthony

Off to bed I go.

My Kind of Drama – A-BOMB Dollarbie

Posted: January 29, 2009 by Terry Toland in limited, top, unisex
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… Stays on tee shirts. 😛 This is a dollarbie, but only until Sunday. A-BOMB has a bunch of other tees in this line that are L$10 until Sunday, and a new pair of black ballet boots that are L$100 until Sunday.

You can read more about it here.

Skin (limited Halloween edition) and eyes from TRAP, not free. Although, I think the eyes are L$50-75. Pants a group gift from The Steamstress.