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Look of Lilac

Milla Michinaga of MichaMi recently sent out a new group gift to her subscribers, the new Ebba Tank and Scarf in purple. The top will only be available to the group until May 1st, 2009 when Milla will remove it, so get down to the shop when you can.

Pants: jeans – floral 1/2 wash b&w Pants 1 from caLLie cLine [not free?]
Hair: HoH – Black B from Magika Hair [not free]
Skin: Character skin from [ROCKBERRY] [group gift at store]

~ Terry Toland (who thinks she may be finally done posting for the day 😛 )

LaLa FooFoo HATE Valentine Tank

Posted: February 1, 2009 by Terry Toland in top, women
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I’ve had a very long day. I’ve done a lot of work, including the post I did earlier on the Virginia gown and jewelry, and I’m ready to crawl in and call it a night.

So, here’s my final plug for a bit: LaLa Foo has a new freebie tank-top out, the HATE Valentines’s Day Beater. For L$0, you get multiple layers of the hot-pink goodie. Yay for skulls. It also comes with signs.

Dear Welmita Bonekita,

Thank you for blogging about the awesome Sugar Limited Edition Valentine’s Day skin in SkinTight’s lucky chair. I absolutely adore the heart-shape upon the lips and the gems upon the eye line! Also, thank you for blogging about the free Mingo! hair in Cutie Land. I had to stumble around a bit, as I first landed int he winter area, but some walking around lead me to the correct autumn/volcanic area.

Oh, did you know there is also a free choker-chain necklace with a bow n’ teddybear charm on it? It’s absolutely adorable! It ties together the hair and punky New Year’s gift at the Tokeo.Plastik store well. The chain links compliment the straps on the cargo pants, while the pink bow plays with the lighter shades and gray in the tank top. Did you know the gift comes with a bunch of other tops and eyes, too? I’m currently using the box as a writing desk, as our office is a mess.

Oh, and Attituede just came out with a new group gift for its members. It’s a simple writing animation, which comes with a letter and pencil. You can pick it up by joining the Attituede group and going into the past notices.

Best Wishes!
~ Terry Toland