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American Bazaar keeps coming out with great stuff for both men & women at events like the new She & Him and I hope to show some AB menstuff in the near future (yes, it’s true). But here is Astrid channeling her inner bad girl in AB’s new retro tops and pin-up shorts combination from the latest edition of the Boobies Show. These outfits with their various color combinations and vintage vibe are guaranteed to bring lots of attention as you wander around the grid starting drama.

The hair here from Tableau Vivant and MONS are both gifts from Hair Fair, which ends today (or maybe tomorrow, I’m so confused). In any case, if you haven’t been, rush over before it ends for the latest releases and some amazing free stuffs. Note the SLURLS will get you to the right Hair Fair sim, but afterward you need to find the individual stands.

I mentioned in my last post featuring BSD Design Studio that there were some great things to be found at Shoe Fair. Well the mesh platforms shown below are a free gift from Deer at Shoe Fair and come with a texture-change hud with a bazillion colors to choose from. Check out SL’s top shoe designers all in one place before the event ends on July 31.

Drama Queens

Drama Queens

  • Lollipops: Forever YoungMessy Lolly Purple (50l in Gacha)
  • Pose (left): GothaFriendly Kitties 1 (Dark Katz 4 Hunt #53 until July 31, includes 2 poses)
  • Pose (right): AxixDrama 2 (70l for 8 Poses at Summer Break Festival until August 4)


What you Talkin' Bout?

What you Talkin’ Bout?


  • Top: American BazaarRetro Top Red (125l at The Boobies Show until August 18, includes Tango Applier)
  • Shorts: American BazaarPin-Up Short S Denim (109l at The Boobies Show until August 18, MESH)
  • Shoes: DeerHigh heels platform (Free at Shoe Fair until July 31, MESH, texture change)



  • Skin: AevaLarnia Tone 5 Vintage Gloss Cleavage 1 (New Release, 75l sale price for a limited time)
  • Shape: Baholi – Diana (Previously at Fi* Friday, check with designer for availability)
  • Hair: MonsShe03 pink (Free at Hair Fair 3 until July 29*, MESH, gift includes 3 different styles)
  • Hairbase: EMO-Tions – Hairbase 15 shaved/tribal-light (included with certain hairs)
  • Mesh Breasts: LushLush 1.3 (Not Free)
  • Nails: NemeziCross Nails (1l on Marketplace, MESH, Texture Change)
  • Lipstick: MONSLipstick Brilliant2 Red (Not Free)
  • Eyeshadow: Pin Me DownLost 2 (Makeup and Tattoo Hunt2 #6 until July 31, includes three shades)
  • EyeshadowZibskaSanctum Umber (Makeup and Tattoo Hunt2 #10 until July 31, includes eleven shades)
  • Tattoo (arm): ZentroProsperity Tattoo (Not Free, MESH, Unisex)
  • Tattoo (leg): Your CocainAnchor (55l)


Makeshift Runway

Makeshift Runway

Good to be Bad!

Good to be Bad!


  • Top: American BazaarRetro Top Flower (125l at The Boobies Show until August 18, includes Tango Applier)
  • Shorts: American BazaarPin-Up Short S Baby (109l at The Boobies Show until August 18, MESH)
  • Shoes: DeerHigh heels platform (Free at Shoe Fair until July 31, MESH, texture change)



  • Skin: Hush SkinsSummer SeaBlue Cocoa (July Group Gift, includes complete tone fatpack & shape)
  • Shape: Baholi – Kara (Previously at Fi* Friday, check with designer for availability)
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant Constantine (Free at Hair Fair 4 until Jul 29, MESH, includes complete color fatpack)
  • HairbaseEmotionsHairbase 15 shaved/tribal-blonde/naturals (included with certain hairs)
  • Mesh Breasts: LushLush 1.3 (Not Free)
  • Lipstick: Pink AcidShimmer Lip Shine Powder Pink (Endless Summer Hunt #54, includes 3 lipstick packs & 16 shades. Note hunt is over, but gift still available at time of publication 
  • shadow: MiamaiDarkEyes 03 (The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt gift until August 10 includes three eyeshadows)
  • Nails: Bamboo Nails Subtle Gradient Set (Group Gift)
  • Tattoo: Cake Tattoo Fairy (Free at Summer Break Festival until August 4)


Hints & SLURLS for Hunts mentioned in this post: Dark Katz 4 HuntFemboy Hunt – Makeup & Tattoo Hunt

Not really any freebies in this one, but I know some of you like seeing builds & decor so I thought I’d put this up here. The build is Bauwerk‘s litttle warehouse skybox, which is Mesh (land impact of 44 prims) and features high ceilings, exposed ventilation and monumental florescent style lighting that is fully and individually controllable via a central panel. Notably the intensity of each fixture can be set so you don’t overpower the space with light, as is often the case. The build also makes use of large skylights and full length windows to bring quite a lot of natural light into the box.

I’ve tried to decorate as a sort of combined work/home space for an architect or engineer. There are some metal pieces here but also quite a lot of modern style wood sets, particularly from End of Daze, that soften the space quite a bit.

Almost all the fashion shown (and the hair from Exile) is from this month’s Mens Dept round, which ends this weekend. If you haven’t been yet, go check it out for lots of nice deals for men (plus some unisex stuff and furniture) before the July rounds rolls in.

Factory lead shad


  • Shelves: End of DazeFoxy Shelf 1 (150l, MESH, Texture Change & includes multiple versions)
  • Couch, Coffee Table, Decor Items: End of DazeOak Set (Not Free, MESH)

Snapdesk draft2
Desk close

Bearings Tk2 lighter


  • Chairs: %PercentLapFactoryChair (The Challenge “Industrial” Release, 350L)
  • Table: Little House of CuriosFactory Cart Table (The Challenge “Industrial” Release, 65l, MESH)
  • Lamp: iloInd. Lamp alloy (MESH, Check with owner for availability)
  • Art: Breno Find your bearings (The Challenge “Industrial” Release, 99l)
  • Game: Second SpacesMarble Checkers (50l per play at Arcade Gacha event until Jun 30)

Kitchen 1
kitchen insert

pillars shad


Bedroom Draft
Factory 1

  • Bed, Side Tables, Lamps: Cleo DesignIndustrial Style Bedroom (The Challenge “Industrial” Release, 200l, MESH, includes table and numerous other decor items)
  • Bench: 22769/bauwerk & Diesel WorksCoffee Light choco2 (Atelier Kreslo release available until July 10, 200l, MESH)
  • Shelving (left): End of DazeFoxy Shelf 3 (150l, MESH, Texture Change & includes multiple versions)
  • Shelving (right): Follow USShelf Trashy Friday (99l)
  • Wall Art: FloorplanPlank map / dark wood (150l at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Rug: KuroAssorted rugs IV (80l, MESH, includes 5 rugs)


Here are a few scenes inspired by the Cinema event that runs through Oct. 31. If you haven’t been you must go check it out. The event takes place in a cool build that replicates a giant Multiplex cinema with movie stills and clips playing in various themed areas (such as Sci Fi, Adult films, Action/Adventure, etc). It is really quite fun to walk around there and there is some great shopping  (and the occasional freebie/cheapie as well), featuring many of SL’s best creators.

Casting – Charlie Chan the Assassin

Aspiring Starlet

  • Complete Outfit: Bubble’sWire Male (The Runway Perfect Hunt #14 until Oct 31, includes Female Gift)
  • Shoes: deeRcoliseo sandals (75l at SwagFest until Oct 31, includes Texture Change Hud)
  • Stool/Pose: CIA DesignsVintage Bar Stool (1l at Cinema, includes 5 poses)
  • Build/Pose Prop: La Petite Morteshadow box film noir (100l at Cinema, modded)

Now in Technicolor

  • Skin: Tableau VivantMarilyn Skin (Group Gift, includes multiple tones Attn. 50l joiner fee)
  • Shape: ShivaV-Shape (Included with various skins)
  • Hair: Amacci –  Seth ~ Night + Orange (Halloween Gift, includes multiple colors) 
  • Pose: NaniBare 3 (5l at Cinema, includes 6 poses)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: The Runway Perfect Hunt

My long Summer break in the woods is over, but after being away so long, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things. Here are a few things from the latest Menstuff extravaganza that you can grab if you haven’t gotten through the hunt’s 150 stores yet (ends Sep 3).

I’m also showing some items from this month’s Mens Dept round including a nice skin/shape combination from Nivaro & Pekka and another cool, lofty skybox from [Deco] (I blogged their John Holmes skybox back in June). As usual, there are lots of great things at Mens Dept so go check it out before the September edition gets underway.




Pose Prop/Poses:  LithiumHip Bar(150L at Mens Dept until Sep 1, includes five poses)


  • Pants: 7 StylesSkinny Jeans Mesh S (Menstuff #59 until Sep 3, MESH, includes multiple sizes)
  • Shoes: AdjunctOccult Zipper Boots (Menstuff #17 until Sep 3, MESH)
  • Pose: LithiumHB 4 (150L at Mens Dept until Sep 1, includes five poses & pose prop)
  • Furniture: FloorplanChest of Drawers “warsies” (150L at Mens Dept until Sep 1, texture change)

West End Boy

  • Shirt: Tableau VivantFishnet Shirt(Menstuff #139 until Sep 3)
  • Pants/Belt: BenjaminzBlack Denim (Menstuff #145 until Sep 3, MESH, includes multiple sizes & a tee-shirt)
  • Shoes: EpicositySlip-Ons Plaid (Menstuff #55 until Sep 3, MESH)
  • Pose: Diesel WorksA5 (Menstuff #141 until Sep 3, includes three poses)

Bare Back

Build: [DECO]Kensington Skyloft (150L at Mens Dept until Sep 1)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Menstuff

Even with an extra day this month has really sped by. The February hunts will be ending tomorrow (along with the Back to Black event I blogged last week) so here are a few items you may want to get while there is still time.

New releases shown below include two great shapes from Anatomy and a cool mesh leather jacket from Essences (even though it’s for women, I couldn’t resist blogging it), available in a ton of colors and sizes. Also note the Tableau Vivant skin, which is a great deal at 70l for a limited time.  The lovely skybox used for the photos is a special design by Designer Prims for Back to Black.

Update: See the end of the post for an additional outfit with more February hunt gifts & a new group gift from NV.

Overcoming of It

Comfort is Home

Still Life in Red

  • Jacket: Essences –Bonnie Biker Jacket Size S (New Release, Not Free, Mesh with Multiple Sizes)
  • Shirt: Lazybum – Black Tank S (Not Free)
  • Pants: Kennedy’s – Red Plaid Pants (Where’s the Love Hunt #46 until Feb 29, includes female sizing)
  • Shoes: Howling Creations – Men’s Skulls & Buckles Boots Black (Midnight Mania Gift)
  • Belt: [JP] Design – Belt Duality (Jack or Jill Male Path #9 until Feb 29, Mesh, Multi-Change & texture change)
  • Pose: Diesel Works – Daisy 3 (Womenstuff #107 until March 3, gift includes 2 poses)

Tableau Vivant

Al Fresco


Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Februalicious Hunt — Jack or Jill Hunt — Tainted Love Hunt — Where’s the Love Hunt — Womenstuff

A Monday quickie to show the very nice skin gift from Tableau Vivant (shape by Sauce), which will shortly fade from group notices (but is also available next to the in-store group joiner). Grab it while you can.

The pants on the left are from the B[elle]issima closing sale, where everything is on sale until the end of the month; the outfit on the right is the American Bazaar gift from the Dirty Little Secrets Hunt.



Bonus Shot:
Wall & floor textures from Webtreats: Grunge Textures & Patterns Set (Free)