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Grimson Bros finally got MM boards

Posted: August 26, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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YEAH !!!!!!!

and i am sure that all Steampunk Fans reading this blog will now feel themselves forced to run and slap the boards

posted by Shania Singh

Gothic Steampunk and Freebies

Posted: July 22, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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If all that together caught your eye …. then hop over to Unzipped

Also there is an entire freebie section combined with a discount area —- just have a look round the shop.

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Omega Point Dollarbies, Exxess Hair

Posted: February 11, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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Here comes the absolute find of the day ! Omega Point ! Thank you very much SHINOnnnn Hoobinoo for the heads-up.

The sim sim design is so amazing, the atmosphere is hard to describe, somewhere between sci-fi, steampunk, medieval…. And the clothes at the store are fabulous.

Right now, they have three dollarbies ! They are a bit hidden though. One dollarbie is near the elevator and the other one is between the normal vendors. The last one is a sweets outfit, it’s hard to miss, a very big vendor .

When you enter the sim, walk down the spiral stairs and then click a big blue round portal to teleport to the store.





exxessThe hair on the last picture is from EXXESS, join the group and buy it from the 1L$ vendor ! It comes in various sizes and colors. Thank you, LeananSidhe Valeska.

Skin: Den-Dou (Greatest Love Hunt)

Photomodel: Feodora Umarov

Posted by Feodora Umarov

OMFG ! A cellar full of steampunk items, weapons, boots, armor, wings………. for 1L$ each  at OMFG The Forgotten City !! Click the manhole cover on the street to teleport down to the cellar.






UPDATE: A note from Perefim Cao The Prim Reaper:

To whom this may concern,

Sealed in this underground vault is nearly 300 individual items. Some in packages, some in sets, all are high quality items totalling in over 100,000L$ in value per person.

Q: Why are all the items only 1L$?
A: Because I no longer depend on my store for my real life income. So I am donating my works to the people of sl for their enjoyment.

Q: Will you continue to make more items?
A: Yes, I will continue to make items for my shop in my free time. Items I make that I decide not to put into my shop will be added to this growing collection.

Q: Do you expect anything in return?
A: No, I only ask that anyone that can promote this place, tell your friends about it, blog about it etc. If you find anyone attempting to sell my items anywhere else please IM me immediatley.

I wish for this to be what I have devoted my second life to, A collection of valuable artwork and artifacts for the enjoyment of everyone. While this work may or may not make any difference in the lives of others I figure this is one thing I can do until I can find a way for my creative abilities to better help improve the lives of others….

Such a method I am still searching for…

Thank you Kindly…

Perefim Cao, the Prim Reaper

Posted by Feodora Umarov