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Free Baby Monkey!!!

Posted: April 5, 2014 by Tekila Vella in Gift, limited, women
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Okay, this post isn’t so much about a free ‘baby monkey’ as opposed to the free color-changeable spiked boots called, Lupita!  They’re a gift for being a Baby Monkey group member! And, right now, the joiner fee is FREE (0L) this weekend only!!! Join the group before it goes back up. Check out the current gift, Lupita:

baby monkey group gift

Join the group here. Get the gift here.

.<3tekila v.

‘Til Dec. 6th (tomorrow), it’s free to join the *Soulglitter* group (normally has a fee!) and there’s lots of group gifts to grab up in the notices, like these mesh rainbow stiletto boots and mesh knitted sweater (comes in several nice colors):


As a Christmas special, *Soulglitter* is also offering the boots for 10L in white, green, red, silver and gold on the SL Marketplace, here.

There’s also a very nice tunic dress in the notices, which also comes in several colors:

Soulglitter Tunic

Also Shown: mesh bauble earrings, group gift from LeeZu! … tiffany mesh hair, advent gift from Alice Project (currently still out @ time of post)

.<3tekila v.

Hello all! So nice to see you 😀 I have a couple beautiful skins to tell you all about. First is the Jelena-Black Beauty skin by Mons! It’s a special color of their latest release for all subscribers, you can pick yours up in-store though, too (fab!). (Dress by League)

Next, is the Daena skin from [ LiSsEe]! This skin is so gorgeous, I haven’t been able to leave it off for long! This is a dollarbie in-store AND there’s also another skin for free! Pretty awesome sauce if you ask me : ) (Dress by Mon Cheri)

The clothing I am wearing is not free, however, the $L do go toward a great cause. It is from the One Voice fundraiser event to help the RL maker of Curio skins, Gala Phoenix. She is currently in a legal battle with owner of Hush skins, and is fighting for her creative rights for her skin. This is huge because, as many designers feel, it is important to protect creative content in Second Life. So you can find many of the grid’s best designers there, showing their support, 50-100% of the proceeds goes to Gala’s defense fund. You can read more about it & hear from Gala herself here or TP now to One Voice.

.<3tekila v.

10L Skybox from TUFT

Posted: April 17, 2010 by A in Uncategorized
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While reading The Elf Files blog, I came across a new entry about a 10L Black and White Skybox at TUFT. Since it was only 10L and me being the prefab addict I am, I rushed to buy it.

This skybox includes all of the furniture shown and it’s only 66 prims with the furniture, which can be removed.
Without the furniture, it’s only 14 prims. It has a 20 x 20 footprint which should make it okay for a 1024.
All of the furniture has menus for various poses which I think is pretty awesome.

10L skybox from TUFT - 1

Here you have the option to turn the fire off and on, and also enable sound.
10L skybox from TUFT - 2

Two things that I loved about the bed here is that it’s not a slexbed (Don’t have much use for those being single in SL, and I like being able to lay in bed, or actually sleep on a bed lol), and also, I like that you can click the blanket to cover the bed or not.
10L skybox from TUFT - 3

By the way, in order to rez the build, you have to rez the rezzer (which is not modifiable).

Get your 10L skybox from TUFT!

Ashe Anthony