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SL Hunt Prizes estatica tablephoto

And now… More prizes from The Silver Lining hunt, going on now ’til December 9th:

SL HUNT Prizes ezura estatica even.flow SL Hunt Prizes Estores CU1 Prizes Shown Above:

-Table and Frame ~ Bertram Console Table #2 and Bertram Portrait Frame #2 designed by estatica of Estatica .. A high-quality set that goes perfectly with the 5L Promo sky box from : Lab Design :. VirtuArq. And, the best thing about this prize…you can add ANY texture you want to the photo frame! 🙂

-Bodysuit ~ Monochrome Hunt Item designed by Ezura Xue of Ezura .. This is only part of an outfit that also comes with a resizeable flexi skirt! I really love when clothing comes with so many wearable options! Be sure to grab this prize to see the complete outfit 😉

-Heels ~ Classic Heels in Floral Silver designed by yingythingy of even.flow .. These heels are mesh and wonderful! A great add to your fabulous shoe collection for sure 🙂

The Silver Lining hunt is the 2nd hunt put on by the good people of Monochrome Hunts. Each hunt they pick a color-scheme that all prizes must come in. And, this time, it’s silver/grey!

Please, note that all prizes are 5L! For more pics of prizes, slurls and store info, head to the official blog.

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And a Silver Dream. Today, Lemania Indigo Designs is offering this simply elegant gown for L$1 and only for 24 hours. After that, the dish will be taken away and permanently retired from the menu.

Skin: Efe Emerald Makeup Hair from [PXL] [not free; currently only at Kings Rezzable]
Spoon: Spoon Full Of Love~Sugar Mill Shops Gift (Wear Me!) from [Lazy Places] [???; may no longer be available]

~ Terry Toland

Chloe has just changed the Time Set jewelry set out for free for a limited time. The simple, entwined silver hearts and chain are beautiful and perfect for the season or year-round wear.

This lolita dress by Moonshine Clothing is not free (L$225). However, I have paired it with the Time Set and mentioning it because of the mission behind it: named Victoria, all proceeds from this dress go towards the Red Cross to help the victims of the Victoria Bushfires in Australia. This inferno, reported as started by arson, has already claimed 170 lives (at my last check), and thousands are without their homes.

Don’t think you can make a difference? The donations and purchases of SL residents already earned enough money to pay for a designer’s new heart. We saved someone’s life. And we can do it again.

Time is precious, especially when people’s lives are entwined together. The number of registered SL users is over the population of New York City, and the number that can be online at one time can be compared to an active town. Love is not limited to those we are willing to kiss- we love our family, our friends, and, sometimes, our neighbors. While St. Valentine’s Day may have originated as a marketing scheme, my hope is that we reach beyond the commercial and touch others, even if it is by extending a hand through the grid. Today, our neighbors in Victoria need us.

For more information, please see the links below:
ABC Bushfire Emergency
CNN Australia Bushfires
Moonshine Clothing: Victoria Bushfire Appeal
In Cold Blood: No Pretty Fashion Pictures Today Sorry… We’re Saving Our own Lives
Twistedlemon’s Weblog: I Don’t Feel Like Fashion Today