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Well, as you might imagine with the gifts from (SELDOM BLUE) earlier, my Santa couldn’t resist treating me to a little tropical Christmas! He even let me bring the radio!

*Ruby Daisy* Offer jewelry set by *ETERNITY BRIDES* for L$1

Feliz Navidad~
Feliz Navidad~
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad.

Just before leaving, the mail arrived with more packages from Angelheart, this time from *ETERNITY BRIDES* and *ETERNITY SILKS*. The first was marked as a dollarbie for all, and when I unwrapped it, I squealed with delight while my partner chuckled and grinned- it was a tiara and earring set! These delicately crafted *Ruby Daisy* pieces are perfect for any princess, and I promptly put them on (and they stayed on during the flight.) The note continued, stating that all *ETERNITY BRIDES* Jewelry is half-off right now!


Feliz Navidad~
Feliz Navidad~
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad.

As we were in a hurry (you know, the classic running through the airport scene), I had to wait to open the second package when we reached the tropics. Again, I was ecstatic with the surprise, for it was perfect for the area: a smooth, golden silk set from *ETERNITY SILKS*. The *GOLDEN STAR BODY JEWELRY* pieces fit gently upon my body, even when I pulled on my *tal* Free Simple Silk in white from Analise underneath (I don’t do sand in crevices). I love how it flows upon this gentle tan from -Belleza-; the treatment and make-up are a gift to their group members- you just need to flip back through past notices to find it. The note with this read that it is normally L$495, but is going for L$100 as a special offer right now. It comes with everything in this vacation photo- silk skirt, star chest adornments, arm drapes, bracelet, and headdress.

Holiday Dress 2009 and Lvoe Christmas jewelery set (12 Days of Christmas gifts) from *Solange!*

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas~
From the bottom of my heart!

This last little number is one of the gifts from *Solange!*‘s 12 Days of Christmas. This year, though, the store keeper is keeping the gifts out longer, so you can still find the gifts from day one. Yes, I wrote gifts, with plural- some days there are multiple gifts set out. She is also spreading the days out so the island isn’t always packed. This Holiday Dress 2009 is from Day 2, while the Love Christmas necklace and earrings are form Day 3. Oh, an the ponytail? It’s the Kismet style in Black from Laqroki, which can be found in their freebie area in the body store.

**I will fully update with SLURLs later; I do have some RL stuff that I must attend to. Thank you for understanding!**

Christmas Silks

Posted: November 29, 2008 by Goti Soderstrom in silk, women
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You can find great Christmas silks at Solange in the South Building with the fantasy wear. If you can’t find them, follow the slurl coordinates. They’re available in three colors: red, green and white.


There’s a 50% sale going on this shop, just in their Dream On Bay Location. The sale items are mainly in the North Building, but there are some in the South Building too.

Btw, I took this pic at Christmas Mall, a place I got to know thanks to Gala Giha’s See & Write blog. She always takes great shots in nice settings, so check her blog!!

Post by Goti Soderstrom
Photomodel freezed Goti Soderstrom xD

ETERNITY SILKS -INNOCENCE  made by Singsong Writer

A fairy of indigo and blue whispered into my ear, twinkling of a surprise in the Angelheart. As her message fluttered in my ear, I found in my hands a brilliantly wrapped gift made of silk and gold. I began to speak words of thanks, but she pressed on: this present of INNOCENCE was to be shared with all, but only for a limited time.


With the task at hand, I flew down to the forest and capture the natural radiance of the garb in the soft moonlight. I love how the jewels of the headdress rest just slightly down below my brown, tickling the tips of my eyelashes. The light color compliments the airy texture, while the intricate floral pieces tie together the soft feel of it all.


The Singsong dreamer left no part of the silks unattended, placing jewels in the back of the headdress, as well, while drapes of fabric sweep down gently from the shoulders.


In a Rosy Mood, adorned myself with a Holiday Mistletoe, while my eyes shown large with gold. I pulled my hair back into the style of Lily, hailing from the Isle of ETD.

*Thank you, Indigoblue and Singsong for asking me to blog about this great new item! I really needed a touch of fantasy! :D*

Silks: ETERNITY SILKS -INNOCENCE made by Singsong Writer (L$1)
Hair: ETD Lily – Black (L$1)
Skin: ROSY MOOD Holiday skin Mistletoe (L$0)
Eyes: (Miriel) Anime Eyes – Gold (L$0)
Location: Chakryn, an endangered OpenSpace sim

Oh, if the pictures ever disappear, it’s because is being evil. Just poke me, and I’ll fix it. 😛