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A little Nymphetamine mixed with Kosh

Posted: April 8, 2009 by Terry Toland in pants, top
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Top: Paeoti_Carmel Treasure Top from NYMPHETAMINE Boutique [group gift; check past notices]
Bottom, Socks: Kretch set from KOSH [L$1]

Skin from Nomine, not free
Ears from Illusions, not free
Eyes form Celestial Studios, not free

I TP’ed to CONCRETE FLOWERS to get the awesome dollarbie that Feodora blogged earlier and stumbled upon Olivia Connaught of Free*Style and Autumn Hykova of Pixel Dust doing… what anthropologists would call a native dance and rednecks would call a boogie. In any case, the gesture was amazingly fun, so I had to jump in. We both poked our groups to encourage/frighten members that came in and just have a good time.

Thank you, Feo, for originally posting the hair on FT so I would even drop in, and thank you Olivia and co for being just incredible people! There are a bunch of free tops and a skirt at CONCRETE FLOWERS for free, too (you can kinda’ see them in the picture; you can get a better idea with Ashia’s post).

~ Terry Toland

Sexy in Black!!!

Posted: January 8, 2009 by aluramessing in Uncategorized
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Luna’s Boutique has a sexy black outfit out as a freebie.  The texture on it is beautifully done.  It is sure to turn a few heads at the club.

 ** Alura Messing