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Bake Sale L$50 Monday

Posted: December 8, 2009 by coastalisis in Uncategorized
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Head over to Cupcakes (to the courtyard) now to scoop up today’s Bake Sale Monday L$50 sale!! Great outfits, shapes, and skins…all for L$50! All of the below is from the cupcakes bake sale.
Dress: Courtesy of Cupcakes

Lavendar Outfit (including hat and shoes): Courtesy of WhoNose

Christmas Lingerie: Courtesy of Together Inc.

Shape: Courtesy of Sinuous Shapes

Shape: Courtesy of Body Doubles Shapes

Sweet Dreams PJ Set: Courtesy of Insatiable Fashions

Santa Baby PJ Set: Courtesy of Insatiable Fashions

Skin for all pics: Bake Sale Monday Gift – Cupcakes Sweetheart Skin (L$50)

❤ Camryn Fouroux

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, it’s not easy to walk about the sim (which is laggy, of course), take pictures, and be able to get the SLurl for each vendor that has a dollarbie all at the same time.)

The Skin/Shape Expo teasers and skins has been all over the various SL blogs, but no one has told all of the dollarbies, and freebies that you can get at this Expo.
So that is what this post is for.
The name of the vendor/store below leads you directly to where the dollarbies/freebies are:

Shape It Up! has a male and 2 female shapes for 1L in two separate boxes.
[lessthanthree] has unisex cancer support tees for 0L.
bffae. has two female skins out for 1L each.
Sillhouette has a shape with eyes and lashes for 1L.
Contour has one male, and one female shape for 1L in two different boxes.
La Petite Morte has a skybox for 1L.
The Plastik. has an outfit out for 1L, includes gloves.
[the.oBscene] has several female skins for 0L.
Skin Within has eyes, and manicure + pedicure for 0L.
Adam & Eve have skin demos, eyes, and finger + toe nails for 0L.
Exodi has a female skin in all tones for 0L.
Damiani has a bikini for 0L.

The Skin/Shape Expo started on September 26, and will end on October 10(or 15, I’ll edit this post when I get the correct ending date).
So you all have some time to go and get these freebies/dollarbies.

Ashe Anthony

If you are not familiar with Maschienenwerk, now is the time to get familiar with it (I’m not funny, I know).
This place has everything for 0L, male and female, and has added some stuff since I last visited.
Everything that you could be looking for is here, including an equal amount of male and female stuff, which includes shapes, skins, clothing, accessories and hair also (I think).
Anyway, I didn’t really get a chance to look around for all of the new stuff but I stopped these new(to me) unisex sneakers:

All of these sneakers are 0L!!
What are you waiting for? Go to Maschienenwerk now :]

Ashe Anthony

More Freebies From the Back to School Hunt

Posted: September 21, 2009 by coastalisis in Uncategorized
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Entire outfit (minus hair) with shoes from Babele Fashions
Tank, Sweater, and Shorts are from Worldwide Industries
Shape and Skin from Fior di Perle

For more info on the Back to School Hunt, see this post from a few weeks ago. Click HERE

Camryn Fouroux

Skins OMG ! DZ Skins

Posted: January 20, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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The skins here  at DZ are based on Eloh Eliot skins and they are free, I’m only showing the vendor with one skin tone  but there are 4 of them, plus a vendor with 5 shapes in sizes from small to model shape.


Posted by Feodora Umarov

Friday Deals

Posted: November 28, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Happy Friday Shoppers!

Bejambled Skins is having a 25% off sale in their store till Christmas time. They also have a freebie table with hair flowers, eyes, a tank top and a skin! Pretty cute see all in pic below, head on over there!

!!:Nadas: Mainstore has a few freebies at their location. I thought this outfit was really cute but tp over and see for yourselves. Pic of all the freebies below as well

Brain Restriction has a few freebies and deals in their store that are just darling! I got this hair accessory and shoes for free and this dress plus a black version for only 5L. PLUS everything in the store is only 50L. You must check it out!

 Look how cute the shoes are!

And finally Heart N Soul Fashions is having a sale on some of their skins and shapes. Some are marked down to 100L but you can find a few cute 1L ones amongst the bunch.

Alright shoppers that is all from me, have a happy weekend!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes

Blace Lace Lingerie

Posted: November 11, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Blace Lace Lingerie has two gift bags in their store and it is worth the tp! Included in the dollarbies gift bags are a shape, three sexy skins and tons of lingerie goodies. See pics above and  below, skin shown in pictures is from the gift bags!

=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes