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44L weekend item by Badoura!

Posted: November 20, 2010 by faylinnerin in limited, women
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This stunning dress is Badoura Designs 44L weekend item! I think it’s beautiful; shows off your tushie quite nicely too 😉

She has other colours for sale at 160L each. So this is quite the steal; but only for this weekend! So don’t miss out.

Also; the shoes are 1L from Stiletto Moody. I realise that they have been out for a while; but not everyone may have grabbed them!

So, I’m off to have a look at more items from the grid! hopefully bringing you another post this evening! Have a great day *blows kisses*

I looove cupcakes! Do you?

Posted: November 19, 2010 by faylinnerin in Gift, women
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It seems that Cupcakes has opened a mini outlet. Here, clothes and skins are set at 25L or under! What a steal!

Here are three outfits from this store all costing 25L, 15L or free! The skins are all 25L; which is a total bargin. Cupcakes skins always have a lot of detail.

Sorry this is a short/quick post. Just wanted to let you all know about this amazing deal! Plus! It’s going to get very busy. Annnd I was not 100% sure how wordpress I wanted to make sure it worked!