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Cool Roller Skates From BUKKA !

Posted: January 11, 2009 by freebietelegraph in Uncategorized
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Cool roller skates from BUKKA in the Lucky Chairs at Rabbit Resort. I can’t give you the exact coordinates of the chair, because the items keep changing at random and there are many chairs !


Posted by Feodora Umarov

Gizmo Freebies

Posted: October 8, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Giz’s Gizmo’s at Gizland is giving away a couple of amazing freebies.

First up is an beautiful dress that is part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The dress is named “In Memory of Maureen” and the notecard along with it will tug on your heart strings. Let’s all show our support for this wonderful cause. My picture really does not do the dress justice….


There are a couple other freebies in the store including a tank top, a super cute bikini and my personal fav, a pair of lime green roller skates. These are FAB! and I wish you could see me skating around the store! I know you will love them!


=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes