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Bunnehs *squeeeeeeL*! Get your hop on with these FREE avatars from Coco. Coco is quite generous so if you’ve never checked them out make sure to LM them!

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TP to Coco

P.S. Coco still has the Halloween Group Gifts out – The Group is FREE to join. Join the Group here.

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mm boards that need some slapping love!!!

Posted: February 3, 2010 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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Ivanka Akina Fashion store and Mean Rascal have updated their MM boards !!!

NOTE : IA and MEAN RASCAL are not the same company, they just share a shop.

The snowboots need 95 slaps per day … and the board is is under the landing point.


Also placed something new into the MM Board. It is a female medieval/gorean outfit, contains kilt , bracers, chest armor , shirt and pants .

The target is set to 50 and the board is located just inside *IA* store , right next to the entrance

posted by Shania Singh

Scripted Dual Swords At LB Dark !

Posted: March 10, 2009 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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The great scripted dual swords with combat animations are in the MM at LB Dark, hurry and register !!!


If the MM is already locked down, here is the pick reward, wow !


Posted by Feodora Umarov

New Freebie at Crux!

Posted: February 23, 2009 by Terry Toland in ao, fantasy, men, unisex, women
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My friend Daniel is a really amazing creator, and he designed four different rings that visitors to Crux can pick up for free. And these do not just look pretty: wearing them enables avatars to perform all sorts of different martial arts moves! Each ring has a different fighting style. To my understanding they are DCS2 and CCS compatible, but don’t hold me to it.

Grim Bros. Valentine’s Gift

Posted: February 12, 2009 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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Grim Bros. has a wonderful gift for you, if you like  gowns. This red dress is in the Valentine’s Gift package for the ladies.


Posted by Feodora Umarov

Ever wanted a nice gown to wear at a ball, in a Middle ages sim or a Gorean sim or just for the fun of wearing a gown? Then TP to Inara’s fantasy couture and sew for 60min. lol! yes Inara has camping sewing machines (same as camping chairs, but it’s a sewing machine) when the time is up one of these 3 very gorgeous gowns shown here are yours.

Inara also made a special uniform for the Harry Potter roleplayers, which can only be found in the sewing machines in the Hogwarts Couture section. At the back of the main section, you’ll find a sale wall where you can find silks for 1L$, 3 dresses at 1L$. More may be added in the future. Also a wall with 10L$ outfits.

Hair with hat: House of Heart – Mrs. Robinson – Blacks
Blond hair: Magika Hair – Peace & Love
Skin: Pulse Skin – Bella II Light/Wish

by Meridian Sweetwater

Three Beautiful Gowns At Nordhaven

Posted: November 14, 2008 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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At Nordhaven you can win 3 fabulous gowns on the lucky boards.


Posted by Feodora Umarov