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Weekly Home Decor Deals

Posted: November 13, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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If you know anyone into country decor I have the store for you. Mustang Trading Post is the perfect place to outfit your home. One cute item I found there for only 10L was Texas license plates and a Texas state flag…perfect if you know any cuties from that area. I know I do (*winks). See pic of both below…..

Lady Bunny’s Lamp Hole has some cute freebies in her store. TP on over for some cool plants (winter styles, bushes and roses you can hug!) PLUS an awesome candle! And the store is jam packed with cool things.

Free Roaming Blue Butterfly over at Prim & Pixel Design 

and finally I made this sign for my home and several people have said they liked it. It’s my first build so nothing too special or intricate but if anyone would like a copy please IM me in world and I will send it to you…. for free of course =). It’s 1 Prim so for those prim conscious folks you can still decorate your place!

=)  Happy Shopping and Decorating!

Posted by : Caitlain Clowes

This is not how I originally planned to write on these outfits, but in lieu of my notice about the illegal ETD box being passed around, it is best if I provide some visual promotion and options you guys can use. 😀

Lusciously Legal I

Alphamale & Blacklace have fixed their fussy pick-rewards ‘Sexy Thank You’ gift
and now (after 24-48 hours of the pick being in your profile) you can grab the ~Blacklace~ Midnight Affair: Scarlet Satin lingerie for free. If you’re a little frazzled about how this works, here’s a note from one of A&B’s notecards:

This set can be gotten totally for free! All we ask of you is to help support us, by keeping us in your “Picks”. If that sounds confusing – Please visit the free gift board in the main hall – up the stairs and to your left, and get a copy of the instructions on how to receive this great free item!

Lusciously Legal II

Alphamale and Blacklace provide very high-quality designs, as gain be seen by the fine detail with the fabric, a realistic hosiery line down the back legs, and even a corset-ribbon bow in the back. After seeing the creators in person (struggling with the pick rewards machine and then the subscribe-o-matic), they are also kind people that want to provide their patrons with the best experience. Their recent “dress-off” also shows a flair of humor, and I’m all for supporting such creators.

Lusciously Legal II

The smooth, black hair is a dollarbie style called Phoebe from ETD, located in the (official) Freebie section. There are 19 other free/dollarbie styles to choose from for men and women, which all come in a vast rainbow of colors; the Lily style is my personal favorite, but it was covering my earrings (which would later be blocked by my hand XD). The tear drop jewelry set is from a gift bag at Aluinn, located near the A&B pick reward sign. It also comes with a few different rings, including an option for men. The shoes, Elise-2-Elevate *Black*, are a group gift from TESLA (a fine store that unfortunately has also been targeted by content thieves), which regularly refreshes the gift notice so that others may have access to it. Finally, my skin is from Di Chantilly, though I’m not sure how long it will stay free. It is Yellow-Scarlet skin-5a, located on the second-floor in the top Scarlet section. With this ensemble, you can feel alluring and confident, knowing that you might catch an officer’s eye but they can’t keep you cuffed.