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Estetica, one of my favorite pose stores on the grid, is having a moving sale for three days, so everything is 50% off from Nov 5 (today) to the 7th!

(image credit goes to Estetica)

You can find single poses (male and female), group/couple poses, prefabs, and posing furniture here!
Single poses go for as low as 13L each(!) and there’s even dollarbies, that can’t be marked any lower than they currently are!

Ashe Anthony

Half Off Sale \o/
(image credit goes to Makenzie Irling)

Makenzie wants to move in RL, and needs your help so she is having a sale!
For this week only, everything is 50% off @ Barcode!
You can find most kinds of furniture, a skybox and also cute houses, and the price range is from as low as 10L(!)-600L(for furniture sets, usually).

Ashe Anthony

Moving sale @ buttons!

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buttons. is having a moving sale!
.♥ three day moving sale
(image credit goes to buttons.)

Starts today July 23 and ends July 26, 2010!
All items are priced either 10, 25, 50, or 100L!
Furniture, tattoos, prefabs, and super cute flats are all sold here!

Edit= sale has been extended until August 6.

Ashe Anthony

Dollarbie skybox!

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buttons. has a new dollarbie skybox which is totally cute.
It’s only 13 prims (with the sunbeams and skybox; 11 prims without the sunbeams) and has a 7.2 x 7.7 footprint!
It’s also copy/mod and includes sunbeams which I removed for this post.
Dollarbie skybox - 1
Dollarbie skybox - 2

Ashe Anthony

Silver’s post on Free*Style made me want to do a home post here! I change houses too much, my friends like to tease me about it often xd
Anyway, here’s freebie home decor for you! The only non free/cheap thing is the mailbox from Barcode.

Everything shown below is free unless stated otherwise (and a lot of pictures below!; click on images to see the items better)
Freebie home decor - 1

Freebie home decor - 2

Freebie home decor - 3

Freebie home decor - 4

Freebie home decor - 5

Freebie home decor - 6

House: Rustic Shack – 40 prims, copy/mod (the page says 30 prims, but I think the extra 10 prims come from the windows, which opens and closes)
Plank Path: Tweedle subscribo gift – 1 prim (comes with 3 different plank paths, all texture change)
Pergola: True Love Never Die subscribo gift for June – 2 prims
Stones: Yak and Yeti Tibetan Mani stones – 1 prim each

Bookshelf: *Muu Workshop* bookshelf darkbrown – 3 prims (10 minute lucky board item)
Sofa: Stray Pig Leather Sofa_Green – 5 prims (15 minute lucky board item)
Art: Belle Fille – Peace with yourself – 6 prims (subscribo gift)
Fireplace: ::PopArt:: Kimora fireplace, 1L (5 prims)
Rug: nordari. wet soil – 2 prims (part of a freebie pack of rugs)
Kitchen: *Muu Workshop* kitchen darkbrown – 8 prims (10 minute lucky board item)
Chair: *Muu Workshop* dining chair darkblown – 2 prims (15 minute camping chair item)
Table: *Muu Workshop* dining table darkblown – 3 prims (15 minute camping chair item)
Tray: Yak and Yeti Oriental tray – 1 prim
Candle: Awesome Blossom Tabletop Antique Paper Light – 3 prims (subscribo gift, I’m not sure if you can check history on this subscribo)

-You have to camp 30 minutes to get the chair and table from Muu Workshop. 15 minutes on one camping chair for the chair, and another 15 minutes for the table.
-At Yak and Yeti, all furniture is displayed in the store and you can buy them from their displays.
-All chairs shown have multiple sits.

Ashe Anthony