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Hi Shoppers!  Ready for some home deals?

*Purple Lights* has a Neko Mattress with pillows in their shop for FREE.

Witchy Woman Designs has this cool grandfather clock in their store for only 10L. If you tp on over you can also find some cool freebies like a rattan chair, windchimes plus a free living room set! Here is the clock

and where you can find the freebies!

Sarah’s Nerd  is a freebie store that has helped out many a noob. But did you know they have some pretty cool furniture and building stuff too? You can find this cool purple living room set there for free plus a few other things that might work well in your home.

Sweet Dollarbies has some really cute furniture in their store for only 1L. You can find couches, pillows, bean bag chairs plus those really cute circle chairs. TP on over there!

***Trubble*** Main Store has a 5L snowflake couch in their shop. Pic is below. Perfect for winter decor

For a bunch of home decor items tp on over to   Tandem Furniture.  You can find this picture frame and set of candles for free (pics below)

The pic frame is on the orchid shelf, but be careful and pick the one on the left. The one on the right is 10L, not a huge purchase but just want to warn you!

Plus you can find these really cute lamps in the store for only 10L, what a deal!

=)  Happy House Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes

Weekly Holiday Deals

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Holiday shopping is upon us……here are some more goodies for you!

Seanchai Books has a freebie box filled with tons of Christmas goodies in their shop. Plus they are a POE vendor so grab your globe while you are there. Pic of the box below

Over @ Drago’s Gadeget Shop you can get this dollarbie driveable sled! Mucho fun!

Venice Picassa has come really cute freebies in their winter area. You can find this cute holiday dress and earrings there.

DB Designs has opened an Xmas shop on their sim and you can find this Christmas box stuffed with goodies for free there. You can also get lots of cute stuff to decorate for the holidays there!

LB House and Home Designs has some cute home decor holiday dollarbies in their shop. TP on over and pick up the boxes labeled freebies seen below. Each box will cost you 1L. Items include candles, garland, pillows and more! LB is also a POE vendor so pick up your globe while you are there!

Strike a Pose has an awesome December gift for its group members. TP over to the store and join the group and check the past notices, it is sooo cute!

….and lastly Belle Belle Furniture has this cute poinsetta in their shop for free all this month. Not your normal freebie, the detail is amazing!

If you are a group member you can receive this other cute freebie see below

=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes