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Head now to the Mysterious Paradise Event where BRM Radio is giving away this adorable custom mesh baby bull!

Baby Cow Gift ♥

It’s totally free and while there explore the beautiful sim, all about raising funds for RL animals!


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Get your very own prehistoric animal by signing up for this Midnight Mania prize – a Triceratops you can control, ride and add as your next pet! It only takes 25 slaps to fill this board so be sure to get yours in.
There’s also a few freebies near the MM board, enjoy!

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Firestorm turns 3! This popular independent viewer is marking it’s birthday with a few free gifts for everyone!


There’s a pendant featuring the Firestorm logo; a hair wreath featuring flowers with the color of fire for a dollar;AND, a kitty cat made personally by KittyCats! This is not a breedable kitty; nor does it die if you don’t feed it : ) It’s one copy per avatar and only available ’til Sept. 10th.

You can read more about their celebration here.

Happy Birthday Firestorm team!

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Tons Of 7Seas Fish At Ang & Snick’s

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If you like 7Seas fish, you should definitely visit Ang & Snick’s Store. Tons of fish and pets, from common to ultra rare, from 1-36L$.


The most expensive ones (36L$)are skeleton pirates, sitting on your shoulder !

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Beautiful Sea Turtle Outfit And Fish Pet

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This amazing sea turtle outfit,the hair and the fish pet are gifts from  Bark Aabye’s Photo Exhibition.




Buy the shells next to the pictures with the mermaids to pick up this costume and the fish !

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Lovely Animated Bear From Tiz Kohime

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Here is a lovely Valentine’s present from Tiz Kohime, a cute little bear fixing a broken heart !! The bear is free to copy and transferable.

Buy it on xstreetsl or at Tiz Kohime’s store in world, where you can find more lovely animated bears ! Touch the bears to play the animations.

Posted by Feodora Umarov

Free gift from (SMS) So Many Styles. In the shrine on the picture there is 3 long pants with chains, they comes in Blue, Dark Orange, and Purple. 3 Tops in Army Green, Dark Green and Dark Red. Also 4 pairs of cute shorts in Beige, Brown, Grey, and Khaki. And winter striped gloves and scarf.

My little cute freind on the shoulder is a valentine group gift from *M*. It’s sooo cute, and gives me chocolate when i click on it, if you want your own little freind, you can find one HERE.

by Meridian Sweetwater