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Round two of my ‘POE’ posts! I’m tellin’ you…these designers are mighty generous and I can’t go any further before saying Thank you creators! And thanks to Second Life for giving them a platform to display their creativity and talent!  Okay.., okay…Now to the goodies! Check them out:



SKIN by Dulce Secrets

POE Paisley Daisy Winter GownGifts Shown…

Prize # 003 – skin by Dulce Secrets ~ Gio. Malibu. Winter Glitter (comes in multiple tones). Also shown, Gio in Sangria.

Prize #055 – Beloved Jewelry ~ Chantelle Gold/Ruby Earrings and Necklace. Also comes in Silver/Emerald (resize options available).

Prize #079 – Paisley Daisy ~ Joeys mesh “Cavalli Inspired” Winter Gown, Comes with tiara & multiple size options + flexi

Prize #112 – Stonewood Interiors ~ Let it Snow Cuddles Sofa, Beautiful holiday set. Comes with couch, two chairs, coffee table, rug and table decorations!! Each piece is its own so you can place any of the objects separately or together!

Stonewood actually has two gifts in this hunt:

SW Inter. WS


Prize #013 – Stonewood Christmas ~ Faithful Friends, Great for decorating.

Remember ALL prizes are absolutely, positively FREE (0L!). There’s nearly 200 stores and you’ll be looking for 1 of these 3 globes:


For more on the Peace On Earth hunt visit their blog.

.<3tekila v.

I TP’ed to CONCRETE FLOWERS to get the awesome dollarbie that Feodora blogged earlier and stumbled upon Olivia Connaught of Free*Style and Autumn Hykova of Pixel Dust doing… what anthropologists would call a native dance and rednecks would call a boogie. In any case, the gesture was amazingly fun, so I had to jump in. We both poked our groups to encourage/frighten members that came in and just have a good time.

Thank you, Feo, for originally posting the hair on FT so I would even drop in, and thank you Olivia and co for being just incredible people! There are a bunch of free tops and a skirt at CONCRETE FLOWERS for free, too (you can kinda’ see them in the picture; you can get a better idea with Ashia’s post).

~ Terry Toland

“…and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Thank you very much, Blackfyr McBride of Burren-Built Designs Colorskins, for not only allowing me to see these beautiful skins and to show them to others, but for offering them in the upcoming Peace on Earth gridwide hunt. The ivory white really reminds the wearer of the purity of true peace and how we should keep it in mind this season, if not the whole year. The skins have multiple make-up options, all come with the gorgeous dove tattoo on the back, and come in male and female versions.

Hunt begins tomorrow, December 2nd. Check out the PoE blog for more information. And you better all be nice. 😉

New Goodies At Stillmans Bazaar

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I haven’t been to Stillman’s Bazaar in a while and they have added many new goodies !

The jacket, bag (Z’bag  and R’mb Peace Jacket by marcov Carter) and the hair( Army Lady Tint by Silk Aeon) are freebies from Stillmans.

Skin: RockBerry Megan Dark ( Lucky Board, posted before)

Photomodel Feodora Umarov

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