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MMboards Medieval

Posted: March 11, 2010 by iona in Uncategorized

Lots of MMboards with medieval clothes and other things, come slap!!
Knights Innovations Main Mall
walk around the mall to find them all 🙂 (for guys too!)

mm boards that need some slapping love!!!

Posted: February 3, 2010 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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Ivanka Akina Fashion store and Mean Rascal have updated their MM boards !!!

NOTE : IA and MEAN RASCAL are not the same company, they just share a shop.

The snowboots need 95 slaps per day … and the board is is under the landing point.


Also placed something new into the MM Board. It is a female medieval/gorean outfit, contains kilt , bracers, chest armor , shirt and pants .

The target is set to 50 and the board is located just inside *IA* store , right next to the entrance

posted by Shania Singh


Posted: January 22, 2010 by iona in Uncategorized

Come slap for this sexy little dress at .:Relentless Couture:.
There is also a camp for a sexy corset with pasties and a hunt going on (look for a sun somewere on the 1st floor 😉 )

The Copper BathTub

Posted: January 21, 2010 by shaniasingh in unisex
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Is the new MM item at STB…. needs 750 slaps — but I know you can do it!!

A nice romantic night at home. Candles lit. Champagne poured. The sound of the tub water flowing. Bubbles filling the air. Bringing the outside in with a trellis covered in roses and vines. And a beautiful warm copper tub awaiting you and the one you love!! Thier soapy hands making you purr with delight! And a sweet kiss to warm you through and through!

This comes with the prettiest cuddle animations in SL. These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!