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1/2 off all elegant gothic lolita and other delicious styles (except new releases and collaborations), as well as an attic filled with freebies, dollarbies and cheapy exclusives. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Dress: *katat0nik* (white/red) Ghostfire dress from the Love/Hate Hivemind [L$1]
Hair: Berri – Black from TRUTH at the GNUbie store [L$0]
Skin: female china white – glitter red from Nomine [L$100 or L$200, I forget]

~ Terry Toland

Oh, if you’re feeling full of awesome, check out my UniCreatures. It’s not SL related, but it is a free web-based adoptable pets thing and they won’t die on you.

Urban Shopper is celebrating it’s two year anniversary, and a bunch of designers are bringing gifts to the bash! The skin shown above is an exlcusive present from Zolin Dae of Looser Designs and will only be at the party tomorrow, April 25th. For more information, click on the link below to read the full notecard information.

Bikini:Polka Bikini Bottoms – Teal from Adam n Eve [RFL Clothing Fair gift; unsure if available at main]
Hair: Zoey – Black B from Magika Hair [not free]

~ Terry Toland


The Vinyl Cafe has a new group gift out for its Addicts, a set of clothing and furniture made with spring in mind. Inside the gift is a set of prim-feet and green strap-heels, a green sequin top, and a living room furniture set, including the chaise shown.

The skin shown is the limited free skin from [SkinWithin]. You can read the details on this mini-hunt here.

My hair is the “FA”Wild Worker[(script)secret prize A], one of the secret apple gifts from Find Ash in the itutu Renewal Opening Hunt, which will end tomorrow, April 19th.

Finally, the [patched skinny jeans] I’m wearing are part of the [lessthanthree]❤ gifties for girls! box on the table next to the entrance. There is also a box for boys and a free tee up on the left wall.

~ Terry Toland

Masked Robins

Posted: April 16, 2009 by Terry Toland in gown, limited, skin, women
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Keeping it simple right now:
ti’ko – july skin – mask : L$1, only today (Thursday, April 16)
The French Farm-Robins Egg (dress) : L$1 for two weeks (from today, 4/16)
+ shoes : Not free, but match the dress and found at the same location

~ Terry Toland