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Head to Winter Fest 2019 and complete their hunt to win this awesome free prize, Mr. Freeze! This 1-of-a-kind mesh item is custom-made for this specific event – so you won’t find him anywhere else on the grid!Mr. Freeze Hunt Prize

Teleport to Winter Fest 2019

Have fun!

.♥tekila v.


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Courtesy of Deviant Kitties:

Antlers: FREE under the tree
Hair (comes with multiple colors and optional candy canes): L$70 (check the “New” wall)

Hair (comes with multiple colors and optional lights): L$70 (check the “New” wall)

❤ Camryn Fouroux


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FREE beautifull SPOTLIGHT at Art Systems! Menu-driven, COPY, MOD. So you can adapt the size, you can copy as many as you wish!

The spot can be turned off and on. (Still looks cool when turned off). The color of the lightbeam can be changed. You can choose if you want it to act as a lightsource or not (with the according color).

This spot light is completely free, no landmark is handed out on a click (as the old free one used to do). So just enjoy!


Posted By: Alura Messing