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KOSH Skin, Waka & Yuki Hair

Posted: March 27, 2009 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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This beautiful skin is a dollarbie from KOSH ! The cute hair with texture changer is the Bunny Hop Prize from Waka&Yuki.


At KOSH, you can also find the cute legwarmers on the picture below.

kosh21Posted by Feodora Umarov

This complete black neko set is new in the Lucky Board at C-Morane.


And the jeans neko set is in the second board.


And this one is for the guys, wow ! Complete with shirt and pants.


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Gransy Fashions First Anniversary Gift

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This complete outfit for only 1L$ is Gransy Fashion’s first anniversary gift for you !! Don’t miss out !


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Otaku Lucky Chair Items

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Otaku has updated the lucky chair items ! Win this teal and black neko set,the Sugar Overload tattoo or a cupcakes tattoo ! Don’t forget to pick up the group gift , it’s a grey hoody and skirt set.

It’s in the subscribo, Jan 11th notice and will be removed later today !



This is the group gift from the subscribo:


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