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Severe Inventory Overload

Posted: January 7, 2011 by shaniasingh in Gift, gown, hair, men, skin, unisex, women
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Honestly a severe inventory overload you will get when you tp in to Bubblez Designs.

Not only there are 9 Luckyboard set to avatar friendly 3 mins – but there is a TON of groupgifts for both genders available. There is one display for the groupgifts in the middle of the store and both sides of the luckyboards are also piled with gifts!

Due to the massive amount offered I will only show you some of them !

Left: Willow Dress (Luckyboard) and Google Hair (Luckyboard)

Right: Belleza Linda Outfit (Luckyboard)

Urban Neko Outfit complete with tail, paws and ears (groupgift)

Left: Silvatori Dress (groupgift) — there is also a matching male suit available

Right: Rip me off outfit

PS I Love you shirt and mouth attachment (Luckyboard)

Left: Love Purple Outfit (groupgift)

Right: Male group gift Checkers

Left: Helena Snake outfit

Right: Ice outfit (comes with hair)

Left: Fallin 4 U glowy dress (luckyboard)

Right: Micro Outfit (luckyboard)

Face Tats – different styles – groupgift

Left: Cutie Check outfit

Right: Cheeky Check outfit

Left: Chloe Outfit

Right: Sweet Stole

Artist Outfit – groupgift – unisex

outfits pls see name under the picture

Skin light : Mother Goose not free

Skin dark: Tuli Tanya in mocha – Ivy Make up — Not free

Hair: BDR Amanda Hair Coral – Dollarbie on the Marketplace



Jeans + T-shirt + necklace + bag – Poison
Brown jeans – ..::CHTH::.. Hunt item
Bag – 1 L
T-shirt + green and red jeans + necklace – group gifts

Hair – – not free!

Poncho and Gloves – BUKKA – Lucky Chair prize
Skin – ::Exodi:: – Lucky Chair prize
Hair – Vignette – FREE
Jeans – Vellas – 10 L

Skin – Xaida – Diana Bronze Pink – 10 L
Sweater – *COCO* – FREE! – Group gift
Jeans – Vellas – Garter – 10 L
Belt – Vellas – Kempt – 10 L
Nails – Candy Nail – FREE – Lucky Board prize

Other items:
Necklace and earrings – Tiny Bitty beautiful and detailed jewelery in this shop!
Hair – Cri-Cri
Legwarmers and shoes – HOC Industries

Xaida skins and Vellas are open just until the end of the year, so if you still want to buy cheap, hurry up!!! 🙂