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Swimming Pool Blues Prizess!

Posted: August 18, 2012 by Tekila Vella in hunt, limited, pants, women
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Howdy all! A new hunt just kicked off the other day called, Swimming Pool Blues, the emphasis being on BLUE b/c prizes are all made within that color-scheme. Prizes are 5L each, and several creators are participating (23 in all!). Here are a few prizes you can find:

Hunt Gifts 081812

Hunt item #17 by BoatHouse- rug, table & portrait; SFW- Frame group; 22769- MESH Slim Leather Pants

Just look for this to claim your prize:

the hunt starts here

.<3 tekila v.

Hi! I introduced Ladies of Lucid last year, and got a positive response. That event is back now, with the theme of Snow Bunny. It started today, ends February 11, and I’m only showing some of the items here.

Ladies of Lucid is a collaboration of items from all of the designers on the Lucid Sim, which would follow a particular theme. There are no items more than 50L! You can find all of the featured items below here. There’s clothing and also prefabs.

Both items of clothing also come in pink.
Ladies of Lucid clothing + A.D.D. Andel 69L eyes

As for the prefabs, this home from Buttons is 51 prims! I think it’s good for any season.

Ladies of Lucid - buttons home 1

Ladies of Lucid - buttons home 2

And also, we have a skybox from A.D.D. Andel. It is 83 prims with everything rezzed, but you also have the option to rez just the skybox, snow, trees, and planters. There’s also a demo!

Ladies of Lucid - A.D.D. Andel skybox 1

Ladies of Lucid - A.D.D. Andel skybox

Meila Solo did a fab job covering some (and more) of the stuff that I didn’t cover so check out her post too!

Featured items @ Ladies for Lucid:
Dress: Nushru
Top: RezIpsa Loc
House: Buttons
Skybox: A.D.D. Andel

-Hair: Fab-U-Lous
-Skin: Dutch Touch
-Eyes: A.D.D. Andel, 69L for Hump Day Happiness (will be left out for a few days!)
-Poses: Olive Juice

Ashe Anthony

Free house by Modest House

Posted: November 21, 2010 by A in Uncategorized
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Modest House has updated their Freebie Starter Home to have a new look.
It is 20 prims, has a 9 x 8 footprint so it can fit on a 512 plot, and also comes with a rezzer for easy setup.
It is also no copy/trans so that it can be shared with others.

I think it is a cute adorable home, I hope that the pictures below would convince you to pick up this home for 0L. The door opens when you click it.

Modest House - Free Home exterior

Modest House - Free Home - interior(1)

Modest House - Free Home - interior (2)

This build is phantom by the way, so be sure to have something under it when you rez it!
You can pick this house up for only 0L and it is next to the subscriber and the free skybox at Modest House!

Ashe Anthony

The Loft Spring Gift

Posted: March 18, 2010 by ilayaallen in Gift, limited
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The Loft have a very nice spring subscribo Gift, the Botts have a textur changer, you can change in 2 diffrent colors Grey and Terracotta. 😉

I love it.

XOXO Ilaya Allen

XStreet:Another skybox post

Posted: January 4, 2010 by A in Uncategorized
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Are you tired of me yet?
I’m not done, if I’m able, I should have another post coming :]
I found another free skybox on XStreet called ambidextrous SkyBox.
This skybox is very spacious, and has three levels, and it’s only 38 prims.
1st level:
ambidextrous SkyBox - 1st level
2nd level:
ambidextrous SkyBox - 2nd level
3rd level (I didn’t raise the skybox to be high enough so that’s why you can see the ground) :
ambidextrous SkyBox - 3rd level

Personal note: I am welcome to any tips about dollarbies/freebies for furniture and home builds in general!

Ashe Anthony

XStreet:Kish Kreations free cottages

Posted: January 4, 2010 by A in Uncategorized
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This post is a bit overdue, I have been meaning to post it for a while.
I never know where to look for low priced quality home builds in SL so I use XStreet.
Anyway, I came across Kish Kreations‘ home builds during my search.
Saul Kish, the founder of Kish Kreations, only has 4 home builds, and 2 of them are free, which I’m going to show in this post.
The first free build I’m showing is Simple Cottage One.
Only 22 prims, you can change access controls!
Kish Kreations - Free cottage 1a
Kish Kreations - Free cottage 1b
The second free build I’m showing is Simple Cottage Two.
Only 22 prims as well, and you can change the color of the blinds (which I did in the second picture), close them, and also change access controls!
Kish Kreations - Free cottage 2a
Kish Kreations - Free cottage 2b

Check out Kish Kreations on XStreet or in world here.

And, oh did I mention that the prices for Kish Kreations’ other builds are only 10L, and 49L!

Ashe Anthony

Just needs some hot chocolate…

Posted: December 26, 2009 by coastalisis in Uncategorized
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Head over to Parajen Homes and snag this awesome winter cabin! The copy version is FREE and the mod/copy version is only L$50!!

❤ Camryn Fouroux