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I have found even more holiday goodies for you, so two weekly holiday posts this week! Especially since I won’t be posting on Thursday this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday!

Christmas Creek has 2 lucky chairs packed with holiday goodies for you!

I found a bunch of holiday goodies for free at this little store in Sky Village. Head on over and see for yourselves, just be careful cause not eveything in the store is free!

Marcos is giving away a free Men’s Christmas Tee at their shop.

Silver Moons has free holiday yard signs in their shop, see vendor below

A & K Designs has this FAB pair of boots in their store FREE for group members!

And Kissable Kitties has these cute Christmas outfits in their store in both green and red, for only 1L each!


=) Happy Holiday Shopping!

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You can find this cute texture changing rug at Honey for only 50L, which is a steal I think cause its basically like 8 rugs in one! Plus it comes with 2 holiday patterns! See pic below 

Sooden’s Sculpties has a bunch of cool home decor freebies in their store. Plus the work they do is AMAZING, sculpties take so much skill and these are just brilliant. Here are some pics of the freebies below

Little Outpost has two cute freebies in their store PLUS some very cool items. The freebies are a set of Japenese Lanterns and a Campfire set with sitting logs. You can see them both below. Personally I have purchased a really nice music box/photo album from Little Outpost for a wedding present. TP over to grab the freebies and have a look around. 

Sins & Secrets has put out a cute Naughty Girl chair in the Freebie Telegraph Lounge for only 1L. Its too cute to pass up!

=) Happy Shopping!

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Thursday Deals

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

Christmas Beret can be found @ YeeVoo Designs for 0L. They have a few more freebies and dollarbies in their store plus lucky chairs and a fortune teller that gives out presents!

Photo Above Freebies: Cute Plaid Top head on over to Honey…for the Ripped Jeans tp over to  Dezigns by DAChad … and for the boots, run over to !Mingo!, because they are FREE but only for 3 days!

Phoenix Rizing has a cute red sequin freebie in their store, see pic below

=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

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Winter Wonderland Freebies

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Looking for some fun holiday goodies, head on over to Loveville Plaza and they have a whole Winter Wonderland Section set up and everything is FREE! See pic below of the setup

Cute outfits

Plus this really cool rideable Santa hat!

Enjoy! Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

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Jolie’s Boutique Santa Lucky Chairs

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Head on over to Jolie’s Boutique and sit on Santa’s lap for a lucky chair prize!

Cute holiday themed outfits, see pics below!

=) Happy Shopping!

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OMG cutest thing for the holiday season!

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Dear Readers….something you will love! I got an object today that totally made me grin! Bring on the holidays!

Karra Babii has designed this cute sleigh for the holiday season and you can find it at the hunt at Prim & Pixel Paradise. You are looking for stars such as this one below

There are 14 stars hidden around but only 1 has the sleigh. Here are some pictures of it below. Use it as a decoration for your home (its 29 prims) or ride it around…so much fun!

Many thanks to Karra Babii for the sleigh and her sister Mairead Fitzgerald who helped with some of the textures for the bag! HUGS!

=) Happy Hunting!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

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Fall / Thanksgiving Home Decor

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Happy Autumn / Happy Thanksgiving…

People from the USA like myself are gearing up for Thanksgiving time.  I have found some cute items to put around your pad to make it feel more festive, but those who aren’t celebrating the holiday don’t fret, read on, I found some cute stuff for you as well!

I found the cute banner above @ Southern Charmed for only 1L. Here is a picture of all the different options in the store, not all are Thanksgiving themed, there are some fall ones as well.

 I also bought this cute turkey sign for my home. It was only 10L and comes with a mini turkey emitter, too cute! You can find this at the Forever Lillian cart @ Southern Charmed.

Mysticos has this fall rug in their store which is 40L. I know 40L seems like 40 dollarbie outfits and just for a rug, but it has a poofer script so when you walk on it autumn leaves poof out and it says welcome with your name in local. I tried to capture a pic of it….

Very cute purchase, well worth the lindens I think =)

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pumpkin yet, you can find a free one at Foxx Designs plus a haystack for only 1L. Be careful and click the pumpkin on the right! The one of the left is 1L!

And last but not least you can find this cute fall wreath over at Carlo’s Creations for FREE!

=) Happy Shopping!

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes