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Head to Winter Fest 2019 and complete their hunt to win this awesome free prize, Mr. Freeze! This 1-of-a-kind mesh item is custom-made for this specific event – so you won’t find him anywhere else on the grid!Mr. Freeze Hunt Prize

Teleport to Winter Fest 2019

Have fun!

.♥tekila v.

Lately I have been noticing that so many are showing the free red and white items but not enough are showing any of the free decor that designers have generously given out. So I wanted to show some of these gems to you that I have received, and also picked up.

Free holiday decor - 1

Free holiday decor - 2

Rug: *Y’s HOUSE* 2010 Christmas Kilim01 – 0L (group gift, touch the sign in the yard of the store; only available from Dec 17th to 26th JPT time. Group is free to join too!) 1 prim, comes with a cute pose.
Tree: [kusshon] xmas trimming tree. sit cloth, partner blue ornament – 0L (buy the sign next to the tree) 13 prims, comes with a cute animation.
Snowman: Barcode Snowman – 0L 10 prims.

There was two more things that I wanted to show, but I found out that the subscribo couldn’t redeliver them, so there’s no point of blogging it here.

Ashe Anthony

White as Snow…

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E! has an awesome picks reward for guys and girls!

Girls..this beautiful white sweater is a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe! Great to dress up with the Christmas accessories the Freebie Telegraph has been blogging about lately.

There is also a great white sweater for the guys too! Perfect for those upcoming holiday parties!

Picks Ad Below:

Go add this store to your picks now! 🙂

❤ Camryn Fouroux

Some holiday gifts

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Recently, holiday related group gifts have been sent out.
One from Roule, and another from Vanity Hair.

Holiday gifts

-Skins: Roule Luna Skin, (join Roule Group, and check notices; 11 makeups! ) 0L
-1st hair: Vanity Hair Lady Noel 2,(subscribo gift, join the subscribo, and check history; I think that you can check past messages on this subscribo) 0L
-2nd hair: Roule Fanny Auburn (join Roule Group, and check notices), 0L
-Top: Oldd subscribo gift from Church of Luxe

Ashe Anthony