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Well, hello! Hope you are doing well? Did you know…Humanoid has set out FOUR dances for 1L each? Yeah..they’re pretty good. Two are my current faves and I couldn’t think of a better way to show you than by making a little video..checkker outt..

1st Dance – Humanoid – Ally_31_Dance

~Red Mini Dress by Avale ~ 1L Xmas Special, in-store

~Seohyun Hair by Alice Project, Advent gift (currently out at time of post), free to all

~Corazon Necklace by Bliensen + MaiTai, Peace on Earth hunt prize #030..totally free 😉

2nd Dance – Humanoid – John_31_Groove

~Lingerie by Blacklace, “Unforgettable: Black Velvet and Polka Mocha” – Group gift (99L Joiner Fee)

~Hair by Alice Project, Past advent gift

Also Shown…boots by *SoulGlitter*

.<3tekila v.


Sam Valentine’s Ad, Subscribo Gift

Pls do not give message to me when items were not found-
I´m only the blogger!!

Artistic Heart Skins @ Vain Love Gallery

Posted: February 21, 2009 by Terry Toland in costume, men, skin, women
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Real quick as I really should be doing something else: you can get a free male and female skin at the Vain Inc. Gallery by Raul Crimson’s Faces of Love work, located in the Love section. Just click the spinning hearts.

The mini-dress Mischief is the next prize in Lemania Indigo Design’s Cupid’s Hat mini hunt. Each day, there is a new hat and a new gift, but only for that day. This one can be found in an orange-hued sunhat. I would have worn it, but it did not exactly match the color scheme.

Hair: Eli – Red from Deviant Kitties [L$0]
Skin: [PXL] Grace Fair Anti V-Day from PXL Skins [limited pick gift; available until the 15th, I think]
Necklace: Dark Rose Necklace One Rose from House of Creation [subscribe-o gift]
Shoes: Buckled Dollie Pumps Floral from *Dilly Dolls* [midnight mania]
Eyes: Standard Eyes – Quiet Green from (Miriel) [L$0]
Lollipop: Heart Lolli from Deviant Kitties [L$0]

Chloe has just changed the Time Set jewelry set out for free for a limited time. The simple, entwined silver hearts and chain are beautiful and perfect for the season or year-round wear.

This lolita dress by Moonshine Clothing is not free (L$225). However, I have paired it with the Time Set and mentioning it because of the mission behind it: named Victoria, all proceeds from this dress go towards the Red Cross to help the victims of the Victoria Bushfires in Australia. This inferno, reported as started by arson, has already claimed 170 lives (at my last check), and thousands are without their homes.

Don’t think you can make a difference? The donations and purchases of SL residents already earned enough money to pay for a designer’s new heart. We saved someone’s life. And we can do it again.

Time is precious, especially when people’s lives are entwined together. The number of registered SL users is over the population of New York City, and the number that can be online at one time can be compared to an active town. Love is not limited to those we are willing to kiss- we love our family, our friends, and, sometimes, our neighbors. While St. Valentine’s Day may have originated as a marketing scheme, my hope is that we reach beyond the commercial and touch others, even if it is by extending a hand through the grid. Today, our neighbors in Victoria need us.

For more information, please see the links below:
ABC Bushfire Emergency
CNN Australia Bushfires
Moonshine Clothing: Victoria Bushfire Appeal
In Cold Blood: No Pretty Fashion Pictures Today Sorry… We’re Saving Our own Lives
Twistedlemon’s Weblog: I Don’t Feel Like Fashion Today

In support of National Wear Red Day, Lemania Indigo Designs is offering A Woman’s Heart gown for L$1. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America today, and the red dress is a cornerstone symbol in promoting heart health, transforming this issue from just a men’s matter to everyone’s concern. Show your support for the survivors and promote hope for the fighters with this elegant, jeweled ensemble. Be sure to pick it up before it disappears at 8:00am SLT, Febuary 7th (this Saturday).

~ Terry Toland