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Hello all! So nice to see you 😀 I have a couple beautiful skins to tell you all about. First is the Jelena-Black Beauty skin by Mons! It’s a special color of their latest release for all subscribers, you can pick yours up in-store though, too (fab!). (Dress by League)

Next, is the Daena skin from [ LiSsEe]! This skin is so gorgeous, I haven’t been able to leave it off for long! This is a dollarbie in-store AND there’s also another skin for free! Pretty awesome sauce if you ask me : ) (Dress by Mon Cheri)

The clothing I am wearing is not free, however, the $L do go toward a great cause. It is from the One Voice fundraiser event to help the RL maker of Curio skins, Gala Phoenix. She is currently in a legal battle with owner of Hush skins, and is fighting for her creative rights for her skin. This is huge because, as many designers feel, it is important to protect creative content in Second Life. So you can find many of the grid’s best designers there, showing their support, 50-100% of the proceeds goes to Gala’s defense fund. You can read more about it & hear from Gala herself here or TP now to One Voice.

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Chloe has just changed the Time Set jewelry set out for free for a limited time. The simple, entwined silver hearts and chain are beautiful and perfect for the season or year-round wear.

This lolita dress by Moonshine Clothing is not free (L$225). However, I have paired it with the Time Set and mentioning it because of the mission behind it: named Victoria, all proceeds from this dress go towards the Red Cross to help the victims of the Victoria Bushfires in Australia. This inferno, reported as started by arson, has already claimed 170 lives (at my last check), and thousands are without their homes.

Don’t think you can make a difference? The donations and purchases of SL residents already earned enough money to pay for a designer’s new heart. We saved someone’s life. And we can do it again.

Time is precious, especially when people’s lives are entwined together. The number of registered SL users is over the population of New York City, and the number that can be online at one time can be compared to an active town. Love is not limited to those we are willing to kiss- we love our family, our friends, and, sometimes, our neighbors. While St. Valentine’s Day may have originated as a marketing scheme, my hope is that we reach beyond the commercial and touch others, even if it is by extending a hand through the grid. Today, our neighbors in Victoria need us.

For more information, please see the links below:
ABC Bushfire Emergency
CNN Australia Bushfires
Moonshine Clothing: Victoria Bushfire Appeal
In Cold Blood: No Pretty Fashion Pictures Today Sorry… We’re Saving Our own Lives
Twistedlemon’s Weblog: I Don’t Feel Like Fashion Today

While browsing around blogs and totally procrastinating, I stumbled upon the following post from Steamjunk:

Hi, have a free Indian Paisley Skirt

So the sweet suffragettes of Wollestonecraft Place are in trouble. Miriam was banned for no good reason last week, which leaves Chav out on a limb for tier. So for the month of November, the donation box at Uncle Wiggily’s bargain basement has been replaced with a fundraising heart, and all donations will be passed on to Chav for her tier.

Uncle Wiggily 19a-e / Indian Paisley Skirt To encourage donations, I’m releasing this Indian paisley skirt as free for a limited time. It’s a fatpack of 5 color variations: brown/blue, brown/green, brown/pink, brown/tan, and brown/silver. It’s comfy, I promise!
Also, I welcome feedback, suggestions, advice on how should I should price this skirt after November is over, etc. – my IMs do not cap 😉
Uncle Wiggily’s bargain basement: Maske (102, 60, 125)