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How about a romantic tent with poses, or a valentines cuddle gazebo with poses, also very nice outfits. Too many things to mention here, this is just a small sample, take a look yourself at The Corner Of Revolving Time , and btw all trees and flowers you see there are also free. Thanks to Kindi Bonde for announcing it in group chat.

by Meridian Sweetwater

Sexy Freebies from Lunas boutique

Posted: January 29, 2009 by 1meridian in Uncategorized
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They have many nice outfits at Lunas boutique and they also have 3 sexy freebies, besides from the sexy black outfit posted before here by Alura, they also have a sexy red valentine outfit , and the outfit in the middle called Bengal.
And if you want a free box with alot of nice flowers and trees, then go outside and hit the freebie button on the teleport sign, and when you are outside anyway you could also hit the votebox for Lunas boutique if you like the outfits.

by Meridian Sweetwater

At .:+*’Cattleya’*+:. you can find a freebie wall and 5 lucky boards (5min. interval). All other outfits is sold for 30L$.
And if you need some flowers for your garden you can find some outside, at the landing point for 1L$

by Meridian Sweetwater

Weekly Home Decor Deals

Posted: November 13, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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If you know anyone into country decor I have the store for you. Mustang Trading Post is the perfect place to outfit your home. One cute item I found there for only 10L was Texas license plates and a Texas state flag…perfect if you know any cuties from that area. I know I do (*winks). See pic of both below…..

Lady Bunny’s Lamp Hole has some cute freebies in her store. TP on over for some cool plants (winter styles, bushes and roses you can hug!) PLUS an awesome candle! And the store is jam packed with cool things.

Free Roaming Blue Butterfly over at Prim & Pixel Design 

and finally I made this sign for my home and several people have said they liked it. It’s my first build so nothing too special or intricate but if anyone would like a copy please IM me in world and I will send it to you…. for free of course =). It’s 1 Prim so for those prim conscious folks you can still decorate your place!

=)  Happy Shopping and Decorating!

Posted by : Caitlain Clowes