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New Limited Time Dollarbie At Duh!

Posted: April 4, 2009 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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The cute blue flats are a limited time dollarbie from Duh !

duhPosted by Feodora Umarov

I decided to step out of my photostudio and stroll about my sim. The latest retiring for dollarbie – Retro Chic – plays well with the budding spring colors about one of the islands. It comes with the full suit as well as a sweet heart necklace. It will fade away into the past, though, at 9:00am SLt when a new retiring dollarbie will blossom at Lemania Indigo Designs.

I’m also wearing the St. Patricks Day freebie from 50 flats, the Clover shoes. Stylish and low-ARC, they’re great for this season of hunts and upcoming events. You can find them in the green clover on the wall to the left within the store.

It’s Saturday, so members of Lemania Indigo Designs’s group can pick up the new gift, Hurry up Spring. And I can attest, after having snow blanket my area Moday, I’m ready for a change in seasons. The outfit comes complete with dress, hat, scarf, stockings and shoes.

Skin: Chocolate – Flourish v2 (Large Lips) from {Frick} [L$0]
Hair: Flapper – Black Bronzed from ETD [not free; currently main location not open]

~ Terry Toland