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The Disco Hunt officially ends today, although Saturday Night Fever may well last till Monday. I showed a few items from the hunt in a previous post and Kejtie blogged the great gift from BDR.  Here are a few more to get you motivated…cause we were all born to be alive (lots of stuff from other hunts here as well).

Disco Stud:

  • Outfit: Brocade Tiger Double Take Suit (new release not free)
  • Shoes: Nuts – Black leather male shoes (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, includes complete male & female outfits)
  • Hair: MADesigns  – Sam Dark Blond VI (On the Hunt #31 until October 20th, includes female hair attachment)
  • Skin: VyC – Cheater Skin (group gift)
  • Shape: External Appearance – Holden (10l includes female shape)

Disco Diva:

Solo Dancer:

  • Outfit: Nuts – Male Gift (Disco hunt #82 until October 15th, gift also includes complete female outfit)
  • Hair: Tribal Soul – Kadaj Black (previous group gift, not free)


  • Build: Connaught Empire – Disco Dance Floor (Disco hunt #44 until October 15th)
  • Disco Ball: FIN – Mirrorball with Spot (Disco hunt #06 until October 15th)
  • Sofa: RT Designs – RT Lip Sofa (Disco hunt #50 until October 15th)
  • Chairs: 22769 – [bauwerk] ballchair (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes other furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Pose (couple): 22769 – Saturday night Fever & Murder on the Dancefloor (Disco hunt #01 until October 15th, gift also includes furniture pieces + 2nd gift with male and female outfits)
  • Pose (solo): Captivity – Never Can Tell (Disco hunt #28 until October 15th)

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Disco Hunt  — On The Hunt — The Runway Perfect Hunt — D is for Deviant Hunt

Ah the 80s. Madonna, New Wave, spiky hair and Don Johnson…

Here I am working at Trax, of Pretty in Pink fame. We’re not doing much business these days (damn you Apple), but it’s a great place for slacking off. (See notes at end of post for sale info and other details).



After a hard day at Trax, I like to get comfortable, pop an 8-track and work on my musical project. Without giving away all the details, let’s say it’s a disco/samba inflected exploration of the funky side of classic metal hits from bands like the Crue. I’m sure Vince Neil would approve.



Notes: Today is the official last day for the Poupee Hunt………………………The skins here are from Void, a new store with everything half off in their grand opening sale through August 8th. The Hair is from Anathema, which is having a closing sale through the end of the month- all hair packs are 100l (some interesting styles for women)…………………Brigette Benelli of Framed did an awesome job recreating Trax and it’s free in the I love the 80s hunt. Go get it, play some Wham or Psychedelic Furs and be transported back in time. And don’t miss the Karaoke hunt gift from Post. The speaker is a functioning parcel radio and the detailing in their furniture sets is always amazing.