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Free Skin!!

Posted: July 2, 2014 by Tekila Vella in Gift, limited, skin, women
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Essences has a very nice new female skin out for 0L, no group required:

Essences Reopening Gift

Enjoy and be sure to demo their other skins – they’re really pretty 😉

Happy shopping!

.<3tekila v.

If you missed the huge party earlier, don’t worry – there’s – well, there isn’t much time left!! =o  CnS e-motions and Cynful Clothing are both celebrating 4 years in Second Life. So,right  now, their local vendors are offering up 9 gifts to everyone for completely free (oL)!!! Normally I’d love to do these gifts better justice with original pics – but there’s really no time!

You can get a free skin from Belleza; mesh dresses from Hucci, Lil Lace, Cynful and Legal Insanity; Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer; Nails from Action AND a couple pose from CnS themselves.
  Congratulations goes out to the owner and creator of both CnS and Cynful, Cynthia Ultsch!

.<3tekila v.

Groupgift SPRING Skin

Posted: April 5, 2010 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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Spring is finally round the corner and Aimesi has set out this cute Spring style skin for it´s group members!

posted by Shania Singh

Apologize for some lazy days

Posted: July 8, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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Heya Girls….

I know it has been a while..but I have been in the middle of preparing a fashion show that was for my semi graduation as an SL Model.

The show was last night — and I passed …. so hopefully now I will soon have the final graduation and then being off to run along the catwalks of sl 😀

But due to all this I have been so lazy in posting here — I hope you accept my apologize for that…

As I have a day off work today I will spam you now lol

First off at Lara Skins there is a free skin to get:

The next stop for now is WigWamBam — have a look at the Dollarbie Table there — maybe some of the items there are familiar to some of you, but I hope there is still some newness for some others…

posted by Shania Singh

Aimesi Gifties

Posted: June 15, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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At Aimesi you can now pick up 2 giftboxes.

One contains a cute skin in pale, tan and sun. The other bag contains bikini´s in different colours.

posted by Shania Singh

Free Skin at Skin within

Posted: April 18, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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At Skin within there is a hidden free skin for you to find.

TP to the shop and search for it ….

i haven´t found myself yet lol

Original NC text:

OMG!! A FREE skin treasure hunt at Skin Within.
That’s right ladies, one skin in the store, has been marked down to L$0 and you need to find it!!

1) It’s not a freebie skin or even a skin I have on discount
2) You can find it in the store inner circle
3) It’s one of my newer products

Duration of the hunt:
The hunt is on until 8 AM sltime tomorrow 19th April.

Mouse over every makeup in the store (individual makeups are denoted by the face pics) and find the one priced at L$0

Final Request:
If you find it, please don’t tell :). Feel free to bring family and friends over for the hunt but let them find it for themselves.


posted by Shania Singh

Im new, Dont bite me!

Posted: January 2, 2009 by elseworth in Uncategorized
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Hey Guys,I just want to introduce myself. Im Elseworth, the newest addition to the Freebie Telegraph team. Im Really excited to start blogging here with you guys. I love clothes and heck, isnt free the best price? OK, enough stalling time to get some clothes. I stopped by KMADD City today to check out the revamped freebie wall. Boy was I glad I did it. There are so many different things there it was hard to decide what ones i wanted to wear first.

Outfit: Rock & Glam Dress, Emery

Shirt:  Survive Hoodie black by Emery Men
Pants:Meriken Co Ltd free pants in Dark Green



Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Soup – clean
Pants:*B&C* Astkrakan Pant
Belt: ::MECHANISM:: Hunter’s Belt

Pants:.::MADesigns::. JEANS – Rough Love – Black
Shirt: [ENDEAVOR] Checked Shirt light Green

 Closeup of the skin and amazing Eyes. I totally just found new things to wear.


I headed over to VIXEN and got lucky. The lucky chair there was nice to me and i grabbed the Black Model pack. Includes hair, Eyelashes, Skin (Not worn) And a shape. I just found a fave shape from now on. [42]stuck out a new free skin, its amazing. Totally another one in my fave folder. The xmas skins are still out there too. Just incase you missed them.

Worn in all pics:
Hair: VIXEN Minerva in Blackmail
Skin: [42] 1227 Pale
Shape: VIXEN Black Model Shape
Eyelashes: VIXEN Lashes
Eyes: [MADesigns Eyes] Rich Green

Shoes:(Worn in all pics) SF Design Black Creepers

Well ok, so thats it for now. Hope you guys liked what I had for ya. Tons more to come, dont ya worry. Find something cool shoot me an im in world. Elseworth Dagger 🙂 Peace!