Lately, my life has been fairly luxurious, however I haven’t been doing any sitting- with the ship coming in, I’ve been running up and down the decks getting things down and managing items. Thankfully, I’ve been able to dash around while still looking glamrous in my new mermaid-esque gown from SELDOM BLUE. Indigoblue always provides the best treats at the right time for me! All the better the boat wasn’t delayed, for the GABRIELLA DRESS is only available for free for a limited time at the new mall of ETERNITY BRIDES and SELDOM BLUE.

Every now and then I get to catch my breath during the day, but even then, my body continues to move. I really enjoy fidgeting with my new TRIO Gold Hoop Earrings, another limited gift from ETERNITY BRIDES. The cool, thin metal is very smooth against my fingertips as I trace their round shape and try to figure out what to do with myself next.

In the evening, I can finally relax. With the sun setting across the sapphire ocean, I don a set of *INNOCENCE* to lounge in upon the upper deck. As I lean against the railing, the sea breeze drifts gently about, brushing the delicate silks against my skin, and I reflect on how I’ve gotten here: perseverance, support of many, and a dash of the right time.

Be sure your ship doesn’t sail away without you- check out the new mall at ETERNITY BRIDES and SELDOM BLUE and grab their limited offers while you can!

Dress: GABRIELLA DRESS from SELDOM BLUE (L$0; limited time)
Earrings: TRIO Gold Hoop Earrings from *ETERNITY BRIDES* (L$0; limited time)
Silks: *INNOCENCE* WHITE from *ETERNITY SILKS* (L$100 in 5-color fatpack; limited time)
Bracelets: Bangles – Gold – thin from [Ruffian by FP] (L$1)
Under-silk: *tal* Free Simple Silk in white from Analise (L$0)
Hair: Serafina in Black from BishWear (L$0, found at Savoir Hair)
Skin: Camarilla- Ennoia Skin from Domestic-V (L$150)
Eyes: Mairmalade Eyes (Smogg) from Domestic-V (Currently unavailable?)
Place: SS Galaxy – Queen of the Sagittarian Sea (free to explore)