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I wanted to feature some of the gifts from the Homestuff hunt before it ends on Sep 2 along with a nice build from Designer Prims I’ve had in inventory for a while. Tekila already blogged Circa‘s Homestuff gift below … here are a few more gifts from that hunt including items from domus, Johadez & Cleo Design. The complete hunt line-up is found here.

The Designer Prims build is all Mesh with a land impact of just 28 prims including the removable room divider bookcase. It features texture-change walls and floors and in this case full-length windows running the entire frontage with shutters that can be turned on or off by clicking a switch. There are two large living areas, an exterior deck and, as you might guess, the light is great. The house is designed for small lots but is still quite roomy and would also work fine as a skyloft.  Perhaps best of all, the house is available on marketplace for just 99l.

I couldn’t resist throwing a few fashion shots with Astrid into the mix. Clothing includes Liv-Glam, AB and Klubwerk among others. Note there are items here from the 24 Event and Mens Dept – both ending today I believe.

Designer Prims

Designer Prims



Colors in Motion

Colors in Motion

  • Dress: Liv-Glam – I Love It Dress 3 XS (50l in Gacha at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Shoes: BSD Design StudioSupermodel Mvw Pink (Available at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Glasses: BSD Design StudioRetro Shades (1l at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Necklace: Maxi GossamerMadrah (Not Free,  MESH, Texture Change)
  • Hair: Sugarsmack Hair StudioKelsey Creme Brulee (Available at 24 Event until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Pose: AxixDrama 4 (95l for 8 poses)
  • Planters: Chic BuildingsRainbow Planter and Berries (Taste The Rainbow Hunt until Sep 3, gift also includes a Cottage)
Kitchen Montage

Kitchen Montage

  • Table/Place Settings: Scarlet CreativeBeach Table (50L on Marketplace, includes chairs)
  • Kitchen island/stools/foot stool/food items: Cleo DesignKitchen Set (Homestuff Hunt #40 until Sep 2, MESH)
  • Kitchen: Follow USSweet Kitchen Blue (Not Free, MESH)
  • Toaster: Gacha-YaToaster Cream (1L in Gacha)
  • Coffee Grinder: Gacha-Ya – Coffee Mill 1 Red (1L in Gacha)
  • Wall Art: floorplanshark chalkboard (100l at Mens Dept until Aug 31, MESH, Texture Change)
  • Cabinet: Second SpacesVintage tool cabinet red (150l at Mens Dept until Aug 31, MESH)
  • Ceiling Lamps: domusDandelion Chandelier (Homestuff Hunt #66 until Sep 3, gift includes complete furniture set)
Exquisite Abstraction

Exquisite Abstraction

Come Shine

Come Shine

Color Blocking

Color Blocking


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This concludes my post on the Designer Prims house gift (See Part 1 below for more) with a bit more fashion, decor and some additional shots of the build. Designer Prims actually has two hunts on at the moment and if you are not into hunting, you can also go to the Make Home Over “Hud“, which is a sort of gift center, where Designer Prims has a small house gift free for the taking.

The clothing here is partly from a new sale room for men, The Mens Dept. A few months back women had all the fun when it came to dedicated sale rooms with rotating collections, but now men are starting to get spoiled. After Narcissus Room, Mens Select and a few others, The Mens Dept brings a host of top designers and some good deals. Go check out their first collection.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea


Natural Number


  • Lounger: Soul Possessions – Snuggles Lounger (Make Home Over #30 until May 5)
  • Dresser: Boathouse – Natural Number Dresser (Make Home Over #39 until May 5, includes 2nd Dresser)
  • Mask: Boathouse – Mounted Mask Large (10l)
  • Rug & Plant: Noctis – Butterorange Rug (Make Home Over #45 until May 5, includes complete furniture set)
  • Vases: Axo’s – Maya Vases (1l, Mexico A Go Go Hunt #42 until May 5)
  • Plant (upper shelf): XED Design – Spider Plant (Make Home Over #50 until May 5)



  • Shirt: Sleepy Eddy – Cleric B.D. Shirt Coral (120l at Mens Dept until Apr 21, available in six colors)
  • Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style – Colts 1.0 (80l at Fitting Room until May 1, MESH & Texture Change)
  • Pose: Adorkable Poses – 9 of 25 (15l)


American Boys



  • ShirtHavok – Salute Tank XS (150l at Mens Dept until Apr 21, MESH & includes multiple sizes)
  • BriefsLazybum – Starry Briefs (Not Free)

Pose PropDiesel Works – Bat (Free)

Build:  Designer Prims – Rustic Spring Prefab (Make Home Over #5 until May 5)

Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post: Make Home Over Hunt — Mexico A Go Go Hunt

I’ve been a fan of Designer Prims builds for a while – I blogged their Back to Black home just last month – so it’s great to see this excellent gift from the Make Home Over Hunt, which fits so well with the season.

The house features two large rooms fronted with glass and separated by a wading pool, pergola and small deck. The walls, floors, deck and accent walls are all texture change and there are a ton of options. I’ll be doing more photos of this great build in the next few days so stay tuned.

Note as well that some of the clothes shown below are from the Boystown Easter Hunt that runs through the weekend. With only 7 stores and some very nice gifts it is well worth checking out.

Hanging Lanterns

Tea Time


Breakfast Croissant

  • Shirt: Egoisme – PandaPile (Not Free)
  • Briefs: Atlantic Crew – Soar Trunks (Boystown Easter Egg Hunt Gift until April 9, includes two versions)
  • Skin: Evian Skins – Kerim Medium Body Hair (Not Free)
  • Shape: (Red)Sand – The Sand/Man Shape (Not Free)
  • Hair: Me-I Humanoidism – Maz (Not Free, Texture Change)
  • Pose: Adorkable Poses – 11 of 25 (15l)



  • Tank: Egoisme – Star Tank (Boystown Easter Egg Hunt Gift until April 9, gift includes multiple tanks & leather pants)
  • Bathing SuitLazybum – Easter Egg Briefs (Boystown Easter Egg Hunt Gift until April 9)
  • Shoes: BeefCake – EZ Slider Easter (Boystown Easter Egg Hunt Gift until April 9, three gifts at his location including shorts & tank)
  • PoseDiesel Works – DW MensHuntN 2011-1 (Previous Hunt Gift)


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Even with an extra day this month has really sped by. The February hunts will be ending tomorrow (along with the Back to Black event I blogged last week) so here are a few items you may want to get while there is still time.

New releases shown below include two great shapes from Anatomy and a cool mesh leather jacket from Essences (even though it’s for women, I couldn’t resist blogging it), available in a ton of colors and sizes. Also note the Tableau Vivant skin, which is a great deal at 70l for a limited time.  The lovely skybox used for the photos is a special design by Designer Prims for Back to Black.

Update: See the end of the post for an additional outfit with more February hunt gifts & a new group gift from NV.

Overcoming of It

Comfort is Home

Still Life in Red

  • Jacket: Essences –Bonnie Biker Jacket Size S (New Release, Not Free, Mesh with Multiple Sizes)
  • Shirt: Lazybum – Black Tank S (Not Free)
  • Pants: Kennedy’s – Red Plaid Pants (Where’s the Love Hunt #46 until Feb 29, includes female sizing)
  • Shoes: Howling Creations – Men’s Skulls & Buckles Boots Black (Midnight Mania Gift)
  • Belt: [JP] Design – Belt Duality (Jack or Jill Male Path #9 until Feb 29, Mesh, Multi-Change & texture change)
  • Pose: Diesel Works – Daisy 3 (Womenstuff #107 until March 3, gift includes 2 poses)

Tableau Vivant

Al Fresco


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