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Today is the last day for a ton of hunts including Twisted, although some or many of the gifts may still be around this weekend. Twisted is a brutal hunt, of course, with no hints and thousands of decoys that could easily take an entire month to do. But if you have an hour or two free, here are a few standouts that you may have missed.

  • Pants: Elixir – Solstice Pants (Twisted #168, gift includes female version)
  • Shoes: b[elle]issima – Militia Boots (Twisted #39, gift includes complete kilt & skin + a gift for women)
  • Necklace & Black Bracelets: Crank Design – Rosekranz… Armbands (On the Hunt #82 available until Oct. 20, gift includes complete outfit + outfit for women)
  • Bracelet (Skulls)Ear Candy – Men’s Skull Cuff (Twisted #180, also includes male necklace + earrings/necklace for women)
  • Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Kai Hair Black (not free)
  • Skin: Re.Birth- Unseelie Kobold Male ( Twisted #22 , four gifts at this location includes multiple male & female skins/shapes)
  • Shape: The Attic – Unseelie Male Shape (Twisted #101, gift also includes skin + female skin & shape)
  • Pose: Dare – Black  Cross (no longer available) 

  • Complete Outfit: kisetsu – Karasu Tengu (Twisted Hunt #188, separate women’s gift and other kimono gifts as part of in-store hunt)   
  • Hair: Babel – Good Morning Hair (1l on marketplace)
  • Shape: Yourigami – YG Kurt Shape (Just For Fun Hunt #83, gift also includes a female shape)
  • Skin: B[elle]issima – Galen Skin Unseelie (Twisted #39, gift includes outfit + a gift for women)
  • PoseSadistic Hacker – Katana Pose 2 (Group Gift)
  • Sword: Katana Sword (Free)

A weekend mash-up of items from the Wild One Hunt (ending August 15th) , Platinum Hunt 2 (ending August 31st) and assorted other goodies. Note that Boom is celebrating its new build and cosmetics store opening with a small store hunt with some nice gifts this weekend. You can see one of the eyeliners and pose gifts below, but don’t wait if you want these freebies.

  • Jacket: Shadow Moon – Skull Jacket (The Wild One Hunt #23 available until August 15th, gift also includes male jeans, boots & complete female outfit. Hint: “Stairway to Heaven”)
  • Shirt: Zipper – NetTank 1 (MHOH6 #131, gift also includes multiple pants & thong. Hint:Visors help you to see)
  • Shorts: Perky Berry – Cutoff Denim Shorts Faded (I Love the 80s Hunt #1, gift also includes a female top)
  • Hat, Boots, Sunglasses, Belt Studs: Living Canvas – Biker Boots & Buckle Leather Hat (The Wild One Hunt #30 available until August 15th, gift also includes complete outfit– Hint: first follow the beacon to the smaller store…”don’t be afraid to make hay”)
  • Chaps: Yasum Designs – Yasum Leather Chaps (part of complete outfit, not free)
  • Knife: Opium – Opium Citizen Band Leg & Knife (group gift)
  • Face Tattoo: Bodyshot – Star Face Tattoo (former freebie)
  • Motorcycle: MG Designs – MG Designs Evolution Streetfighter (The Wild One Hunt #25 available until August 15th, gift also includes male & female outfit)
  • Poses: Dare – A Whole World on My Shoulders, Ba Da Bing (no longer available)

  • Finger Gloves: Zipper – Gloves (MHOH6 #131, gift also includes multiple pants & thong)
  • Bracelets: Aidoru – Dark Side Cuffs (MHOH6 #19)
  • Necklace: Milk Hall – R+a Necklace onyx a (2l, includes female sizing)
  • Eyeliner: Boom – Scissor Me Timbers (Store Hunt Gift includes complete make-up pack, available only today)
  • HairRaw House – Urban Savage 2 (10l, Platinum Hunt 2 #102, gift also includes a female hair)
  • SkinTableau Vivant – Vincent Platinum B (10l, Platinum Hunt 2 #3)
  • ShapeShapes By Gia Tyles – Sam Shape (MHOH6 #100)
  • Pose: Boom – Boom Girl 1 (Store Hunt gift, available only today)
  • Background: PNP

I know many of you like to take photos and for that you need good poses. Dare has amazing artistic poses all designed for women (some work well for men as well). The store is closing on August 1st and has placed all poses on sale for 1l (pose packs 10l) and the art is free.

A few poses are shown below with a bit more from the Make Him Over Hunt:


Dare Poses & Art: