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NOON – Freebies

Posted: February 8, 2009 by 1meridian in Uncategorized
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Are you in the mood for some cuddling?. Then you could go to NOON and get this cuddle lips seat. It has 4 animations. Noon are offering it for free as a special present for Valentine’s day. They also have a dance chair with sexy animations, and the massage mat (posted before)

by Meridian Sweetwater

Fantasy China Dynasty Land is a nice store if you are looking for traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Geisha ,Tibet and Tang Dynesty clothing. The 2 outfits shown here, 1 for guys and 1 for girls are not free but only 10L$. each. There are one more for girls in the store.

This romantic imperial Chinese cuddle chamber with 2 couple poses are free.

And for another chinese dress you can visit Feel China store where this lovely dress are free, and there are a corner with a free chinese pavilion and other chinese items.

by Meridian Sweetwater

How about a romantic tent with poses, or a valentines cuddle gazebo with poses, also very nice outfits. Too many things to mention here, this is just a small sample, take a look yourself at The Corner Of Revolving Time , and btw all trees and flowers you see there are also free. Thanks to Kindi Bonde for announcing it in group chat.

by Meridian Sweetwater

UPDATE: The free ones have been removed after midnight, sorry, but you can still buy them for 199L$ now.

Wow ! Mairead Fitzgerald from Prim & Pixel Paradise is giving out this fabulous ridable hot air balloon for free for members of the Freebie Telegraph Group. Wear your group tag to buy them.  The balloons are in the gift boxes here. Don’t try to buy the big rezzed balloon by the entrance !

Bar none, this is by far the loveliest hot air balloon ride available. Perfect for any romantic encounter. Fly around cuddling and exploring or just find a romantic sky high location and hover over the world in romantic bliss.
The balloon is surrounded by 4 old masters paintings in ormolu style frames, gold brocade fabricing, golden ropes with tassles, where you sit on opulent oriental tapestry pillows upon a Bits & Bobs (TM) cuddle pose.

Over a dozen white doves help to guide your balloon along.

Looking for a romantic place to propose? THIS IS IT!
Looking for a fabulous entrance or exit for your wedding? THIS IS IT!
Looking to show your romantic side? THIS IS IT!

It comes in two flavors, male pilot or female pilot. Be sure to select which is right for you when purchasing.


Thank you Mairead !!! This is so generous !

PS: enrollment is closed at the moment…

Posted by Feodora Umarov