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Casey Creations Deals and Gifts

Posted: December 18, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Casey’s Creations which makes amazing costumes is having a 10 days of Christmas giveaway to all of their group members. Best part is if you have missed the first few days they are boxes for guys and girls of all the past days presents, how cool! Thank you Casey for being so very generous! Hugs!

Plus check out the 99L sale on select costumes, very cute!

Ones for Guys

And ones for Girls!

=) Happy Shopping!

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes

Candy Cane Hunt @ Weirdiculous

Posted: December 2, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Weirdiculous, one of my absolute favorite stores, is hosting a candy cane hunt. Many thanks to Goti for alerting me to the hunt since my IMs capped over the weekend. Hugs! Here is the sign for the hunt and a pic of the candy canes you are looking for, there are 18 in total!

=) Happy Hunting!

As soon as SL stops being mean to me, I will post pics of some of the cute prizes!

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Weirdiculous Stuff

Posted: November 12, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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One of my favorite stores since my first week on SL had been Weird Shit, yup you read that right. That was the store name. I find the coolest things in there. Well the store recently renovated and now is called Weirdiculous and you can still find the coolest things in there! See pic below of some of the goodies I picked up…


I bought SOOO much stuff at the store, hee hee

They have a dollarbie/freebie section which you can find the glowy star headband, the popsicle and tshirt all in. Plus they have 3 lucky chairs that are always changing and packed with goodies.

My favorite piece from the store though, is my champagne glass hottub. I got it awhile back and the store STILL sells it yay! Its 225L but well worth it. Here is a pic of it at my home….


=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes