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Hi! I introduced Ladies of Lucid last year, and got a positive response. That event is back now, with the theme of Snow Bunny. It started today, ends February 11, and I’m only showing some of the items here.

Ladies of Lucid is a collaboration of items from all of the designers on the Lucid Sim, which would follow a particular theme. There are no items more than 50L! You can find all of the featured items below here. There’s clothing and also prefabs.

Both items of clothing also come in pink.
Ladies of Lucid clothing + A.D.D. Andel 69L eyes

As for the prefabs, this home from Buttons is 51 prims! I think it’s good for any season.

Ladies of Lucid - buttons home 1

Ladies of Lucid - buttons home 2

And also, we have a skybox from A.D.D. Andel. It is 83 prims with everything rezzed, but you also have the option to rez just the skybox, snow, trees, and planters. There’s also a demo!

Ladies of Lucid - A.D.D. Andel skybox 1

Ladies of Lucid - A.D.D. Andel skybox

Meila Solo did a fab job covering some (and more) of the stuff that I didn’t cover so check out her post too!

Featured items @ Ladies for Lucid:
Dress: Nushru
Top: RezIpsa Loc
House: Buttons
Skybox: A.D.D. Andel

-Hair: Fab-U-Lous
-Skin: Dutch Touch
-Eyes: A.D.D. Andel, 69L for Hump Day Happiness (will be left out for a few days!)
-Poses: Olive Juice

Ashe Anthony

Sale reminders!

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There’s a 85L hair sale on all hairs (male and female!) at Amacci, including the tattoo hairbases! This sale started on Jan 3 and ends on the 16th.

There’s also a closing sale going on at Skream, which started on Jan 4 and ends on the 18th. All accessories are 50L and all clothes are 25L.

I took a quick picture to show some of my purchases of sale items from both brands.

Amacci 85L hair sale + Skream 25-50L closing sale

-Skin: Tuli
-Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
-Top: Decoy
-Pose: Marukin

Ashe Anthony

Sale reminders and updates!

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There is so many events, and sales going on that it is kind of mind boggling. Even I am having a hard time keeping up with them so before I forget, I want to focus on three on them.

First, Riddle is having a holiday sale until December 26! Everything in store is marked down 50-70 percent! Some of these items will be retired as well after this sale. As for prices, when I went for a visit tonight, the price range of items was from 30-150L. I nabbed up the sweater that I’m wearing below for only 75L!

Next, December is having a sale on all of their glasses for group members! All have been marked down to 150L only! The group is free to join, and there’s free demos in store. Just join the group, and pay the “Sale” sign in front of the glasses you want to buy.

Finally, Clawtooth by Clawtooth is having a holiday sale on all hairs that ends on the 31st. All hairs are 50% off and have been marked down to 137L per color pack! Demos are free as well, don’t forget to visit!

Sales reminder/update: Riddle, Clawtooth, December

As for the ones on a super tight budget, Riddle still has the group gift that I recently blogged about, December has the glasses that I am wearing above in the lucky boards (for group members only), and Clawtooth by Clawtooth has a holiday hair out for 1L in red.

-Skin: CandyDoll
-Eyes: Vive9 (not available)
-Pose: estetica

Ashe Anthony

9 items @ Miao for 19L!

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For today only, Miao has nine items marked down to 19L!

Out of those 9, 4 of the items are clothing and 5 are jewelry, which includes male jewelry too!
I checked it out, and bought some of the items. I’m wearing the Karlie Ocean peacoat and Karen earrings. Both of these items have been marked down to 19L!

Miao 9 items for 19L - today only!

Eyes: Phoebe’s (not available, store closed)
Skin: Ugly Duck
Hair: TRUTH Padma 10.10.10, 110L for 10.10.10 sale event
Jeans: [Decoy]
Poses: don’t freak out!

Ashe Anthony

Big sale @ Perse!

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Just a quick post about the big sale @ Perse!

Everything in the store is at least 50% off, and I have no idea when it ends so hurry! Perse sells jewelry, clothing, poses, lashes, 2.0 makeup, and shoes. When I went there, there was nothing more than 150L and single poses are only 29L each! There’s even shoes under 100L, along with a bigger discount area too.

Ashe Anthony

Some freebies @ Hair Fair

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You have probably seen the previews and teasers these past few days, and now the fair is open to the public. Some designers are giving out free/1L items in their booth. Well this is a quick post to show 2 freebies at the fair, that haven’t been shown much. Remember that this is a charity event, so you have good reason to spend some Ls, if you can 🙂

Hair Fair freebies - Sari's +

Hair: free gift at Sari’s booth
Clothing: part of the free gift at’s booth

All slurls for hair fair can be found here.

Credits for other stuff:
Skin: Glam Affair – Sofia Dark – makeup 2 – 999L
Eyes: Tres Blah Jejune Dark Brown Eyes – 100L available here
Pose: dismorph. (store closed)

Ashe Anthony

Sale @ AyYaiYai!

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Sorry for the late notice, I just heard about this.
From the blog (which is also where the image is from),

“July 15-31st 25 Linden Sale!
There is also currently a clothing sale at AyYaiYai that will end on July 31st. All old clothing is only 25L and after this month none of it will be available for purchase. Please do not miss your chance to get something you may like while you still can!
Reduced skin prices:
All skins are now only 475 lindens.

Taxi to AyYaiYai!

Ashe Anthony